NEW in Rag Queen Periodical - Four of My Poems!

"...He grows increasingly drunk and angry.
He screams at the TV and sticks up for Hitler.
He yells at your twenty pound dog. You carry the shaking
pup upstairs and let the man keep screaming out hostility.
At least he's not screaming at you.

You go back down for some water or to fix yourself
another vodka & coke, to tone your nerves and convince yourself
this is all normal. It isn't. It's all your fault. 
He comes into the kitchen and glares at you, 
raises his hand above your head like he's threatening
to punch you in the face. He punches
the cupboard above your head, breaks another hole."

from the poem "Your Fault", one of four of my poems appearing within Rag Queen Periodical, preceded by a lovely cicada.
Thank you very much to the Rag Queen team.