NEW! A Review of "A Red Witch, Every Which Way"

"It’s phantasmagoric and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s seething with instinct of both animal and spirit sources; it burgeons with doll parts, jarred hearts, and cat’s claw."


"Bodies as nations, as political armor, as manifested energy flow into a deep introspection as the writers touch both their own reality as well as that of fellow creatures. Here, the focus falls on mixing dream states with nightmare, fact with fiction, all four elements, plus the fifth the ether – the inner voice." 

~samplings from a new review of the collaborative poetry book, "A Red Witch, Every Which Way" by j/j hastain & Juliet Cook (Hysterical Books, 2016)
~thank you very much to Jacklyn La Polita Janeksela for writing this wonderful review
~and thank you to Luna Luna for publishing the review