NEW in the Giallo Issue of Sein und Werden (four new old poems by me)!

"Mother rubs my fingers, curling
towards uneasy sleep. Then she starts spinning
her cautionary yarn. Madder-blue and sticky, she warns me
not to talk as the strands batten purplish and hot.
Saturated gauze. Viscous clots. Thorns on the bedspread
flicking open like knivey licks. Prickly hives.
I can't hide. She kneads my wrist;
shifts my pulse into transfixed rhythm."
from my poem, "She Warns Me", within the new GIALLO issue of Sein und Werden
(This issue feels like it's backtracking into a Halloween past, as it includes four older poems by me, along with lots of other darkness too.)


NEW in The Rising Phoenix Review!

"The Blob scared me when I was a little girl.
I would scream inside my own head
and then mentally hurl The Blob until it broke
through a window and entered the house across the street.
Was it my fault if it grabbed someone there?
Was it my fault for not screaming out loud
to let them know The Blob was coming?"
from my poem "Trigger Loving Blob", newly published at The Rising Phoenix Review!
more HERE - https://therisingphoenixreview.com/2016/10/14/trigger-loving-blob-by-juliet-cook/

(also, my Trigger Loving Blob #2 appeared in Thank You For Swallowing last week, which can be accessed in the post below this one).


NEW Thank You for Swallowing (Toxic Masculinity)!

"Was it my fault because of whatever
I was wearing? A life-sized pussy inside a Blob
deserves it. Deserves to be shrunken down."
from my poem "Trigger-Loving Blob #2" inside the new issue of Thank You for Swallowing
(I wasn't thinking of Trump's blob-like pussy comment when I wrote this poem, because that particular blobulating of his had not been revealed yet - but I will admit, I think that less than a week after that video was revealed is a fitting time for this poem to be published).


NEW Review of A Red Witch, Every Which Way!

"Make no mistake, j/j and Juliet do not shy away from excess—from mysterious risks—from gore or the gruesome bits—in fact, they wallow in it. At times, the book is a dizzy mess of flesh—and other times, an acid-blotted nightmare"
from Susan Yount's darkly delicious review of "A Red Witch, Every Which Way", a collaborative full-length poetry book by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain (newly published by Hysterical Books)

read more HERE - https://www.goodreads.com/review/show?id=1763780654

purchase the book HERE - http://www.hystericalbooks.com/product-page/1a2d7e83-4bef-31d5-09e1-3326ee271c09

Juliet Cook Reading Poetry (Women Unbound Presents grotesque glitter, THE POETRY OF JULIET COOK)

I thought I would post this video of my poetry reading from the first of this month, from Women Unbound Presents grotesque glitter, THE POETRY OF JULIET COOK, October 1st 2016.

Post-Debate Thoughts

Trump seemed so unfriendly and angry and territorial and cruel and immature and undetailed and aggressive, all at the same time.
We start out hearing a 70 year old man repeatedly using the word locker room talk to describe his recently revealed sexually aggressive comments, as though those kinds of comments are no big deal whatsoever and something every man says and does.
We repeatedly hear how he wants to make the country great again, because he thinks everything about our country right now is just stupid.
Does he have anything positive to say about anyone, other than himself?


Locker Room Banter #5

I don't usually post a bunch of political stuff online, but Friday/this past weekend I felt compelled to post a lot (related to my thoughts and feelings) because I didn't understand and felt really bothered and upset by how so many people seemed to think that Trump's kind of "locker room talk" was no big deal.
My remarks generated some interesting and meaningful conversation, but they also caused a man to rudely bash several women for having a different opinion than him and then block us, another man to start making all these little comments about liberal puritans, and some men (some women too) just don't seem to care or don't seem to understand why this "locker room talk" should not just be casually ignored.
Also, some people are making the most ridiculous comparisons, like defending Trump's comments by saying that tons of women like Fifty Shades of Grey. Um...Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic fictional BOOK. A BOOK ISN'T RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.
Also, Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel based on BDSM. BDSM is CONSENSUAL sex that people choose to engage in together. Women aren't objecting to consensual sex or dirty words whispered into their ears if they want dirty words whispered into their ears. Women aren't objecting to their sex partner being in control sexually if they want their sex partner to be in control sexually.
Women are objecting to being objectified as nothing but pretty little holes.
Women are objecting to men who act like they're ALWAYS in control of every woman, even women they don't know, and since they're a rich controlling dickhead they're going to act like they can just grab any random woman's body parts whenever they feel like it, because that makes them feel even more powerful, because they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whoever they want.
I am grossed out, bothered and disturbed by Trump, but what bothers me just as much is that so many people still support him. And even if he's not elected, we will still have thousands of people in our country who thought it was a good idea to have someone like him as president of our country.
Frankly some of the talk that's been going on lately has caused me to feel more bothered by and wary of men. I know I can't lump all men together - but why do some men lump all women together as if we're mostly just pussies to grab - and why do some men seem to think it's no big deal to lump all women together as if we're mostly just pussies to grab.
Lately I seem to be having a harder time than usual knowing who can and can't be trusted, in terms of being genuine.
I woke up this morning feeling depressed and thinking why bother trying to express my point of view anyway? Most people probably don't care anyway. I think when I get really upset, I'm prone to becoming overly sad and depressed and thinking what is the point of ANYTHING? So I can let that happen OR I can try to rev myself up into an angry, legitimately pissed off mode and keep on expressing my own opinion.
I got myself out of the depressed mode fairly fast. You clueless fuckers can't bring me down, because I'm the one with the PUSSY and if any guy tries to casually grab it and take control of it, I will fight back.

Locker Room Banter #4

I don't care if some people think I'm writing too much about this. At least I'm taking the time to write out my own thoughts on it, instead of just ignoring it like it's nothing or giving the incorrect impression that I don't really care or don't feel one way or the other.
Any of you men who are saying or implying stuff about how Trump's most recently revealed sexist derogatory commentary was no big deal, and saying or thinking stuff like, "That was 11 years ago, we all make mistakes and say the wrong things, quit making such a big deal about this and just give the guy a break".
Yes we all make mistakes and say the wrong things sometimes. We've all probably said our fair share of offensive things too.
But most of us aren't running for president and trying to hide or deny all the offensive things we've said and done and act like they're no big deal or perfectly normal.
Trump has an ongoing repeated background of lewd and crude and offensive and sexist comments about women and treatment towards women. This wasn't a onetime mistake.
Furthermore, 11 years ago, Trump was almost 60. It's not like he was some young, inexperienced teenager who hadn't grown up yet. And it's not like he's hugely changed his personality and way of thinking in the last eleven years.
He was already almost 60, he had been married to his new wife for less than a year, his new wife was pregnant, and he was blurting out comments about trying to fuck another married woman, trying to quickly and forcefully kiss attractive women, and grabbing a woman by the pussy.
Is that really no big deal to some of you men? How about some of you married man? Would it be fine with you if he was blabbing about trying to fuck your wife? How about some of you married women? Would it be fine with you if your husband was blabbing to other men about trying to fuck other women?
Again, it's not a onetime thing or a first time mistake of Trump's. Maybe for some people, it was more of a last straw after having heard comment after comment about women being dogs and having fat ugly faces or else attractive pussies to grab.
It's not the word pussy that's the problem here. It's the implication that a man should be able to do whatever he wants to any woman's body. Kiss her, grab her, whatever he wants. It's his ongoing lack of respect for women and his implications that women's bodies are the best things they have to offer and are available for any celebrity man to grab and brag about.
Any of you guys who think this is no big deal must think it's fine to talk that way to and about women - and maybe you guys should go fuck yourselves and have locker room talk about each other's enormously offensive dicks.

Locker Room Banter #3

I'm not a man and I imagine every man is different and I don't know if any of my male friends will respond to this, but do a lot of men casually joke around with each other about scoring the latest female body?

What Trump casually referred to as "locker room banter", is that kind of banter actually common in male conversation?

Trump's initial response was so casual, it seemed like he was implying his comments were no big deal whatsoever, because all men casually joke around about women's bodies, touching women, kissing a woman before she even has time to think about it, trying to score with a married woman as fast as you possibly can (even if you've been married to another woman for less than a year) and laughingly joking about grabbing some pussy.

So do a lot of men like to brag about grabbing as much pussy as they can get? I hope not and I doubt it, but what do I know?

I know a few men who talk like that, but certainly not most men I know, unless I don't really know them and they tend to do it in groups of other men.

You want to know what "locker room banter" makes me think of? Well the last time I spent a significant amount of time in a locker room was associated with high school gym class, and there wasn't a whole lot of conversation going on in the woman's locker room, and I don't remember any conversation that involved grabbing men and trying to score.

I remember most women seemed a little uncomfortable with their own bodies, so would change their clothes as fast as they could. I remember some women talking about their periods. I remember a few women occasionally mentioning a guy they had a crush on or thought was cute or were otherwise interested in. I remember one woman frequently commenting about how her breasts were too small and she wished they were bigger (she has implants now). So yeah, the locker room talk I remember included women seeming a little bit uncomfortable with their own bodies, but not women blabbing about grabbing random male bodies.

If I back track to junior high, where we didn't have separate gym classes for guys and girls, I remember several guy's getting on my case about my leg hair (I hadn't started shaving my legs yet) and I remember this one obnoxious guy blabbing out stuff about female body parts and how pussy smelled like tuna fish. That guy was frequently making random sexist and racist comments when he was only 13 or so, so I guess he got that sort of commentary from his dad or another family member or something.

In my recollection, males and females were more focused on female looks and body types (especially female breasts) in junior high, early high school age. I remember different men referring to me as flat-chested. Heck, I literally stuffed my bra a few times in junior high, I guess because I felt like the girls with boobs were way more interesting looking than me, and I looked like some ten year old little girl. I don't even remember what I stuffed the bra with. Socks? I probably had pretty crooked looking fake boobs.

The thing is though, that sort of focus on female bodies didn't last very long, at least not in my mind. Maybe it was age 12-16 or so and then I started becoming more comfortable with the real me and coming closer and closer to my own unique self. Sure, I still had and still have plenty of glitches and insecurities about myself, and some of them are appearance oriented insecurities, but they're not based on trying to please the average man or hoping some rich man will be physically attracted to me. I evolved and continue to evolve. Don't most people? I hope so.

I hope that 13 year old boy from my junior high gym class has grown up in terms of his portrayal of women. At least those crude comments were coming out of the mouth of a 13 year old. At least he wasn't a man over 60 who still has locker room banter about female bodies and has never grown up regarding his portrayal of women and who is now running for president.

But the man running for president in the present back tracks my mind way back into the past, when I was overly insecure about being flat-chested and when some 13 year old boy in my gym class blabbed about how pussy smelled like tuna fish.

And any of you present day people who think that having a sexist, racist president who quickly judges women based on their bodies, and quickly lumps entire races of people together, I guess you want to back track into the past.