A hole with a tiny heart inside

                          💜A hole with a tiny heart inside💜
(photo taken at Fort Fremont Historical Park, Saint Helena Island, South Carolina - March 3, 2018)


Happy March! New poems in the Ohio Poets Issue of Glass: A Journal of Poetry AND new poems in the March Issue of Rogue Agent

I am delighted to start off the month of March with two of my poems appearing in two different  wonderful literary magazines!


"Out of my blood drenched trench where I'm not good enough at choosing between periods or question marks. I keep on trying to re-position myself into something new. "

inside my poem, "Not Settling Down" in Glass

read more here - http://www.glass-poetry.com/journal/2018/march/cook-not.html


"White refrigerator filled with white needles. White bedding. White cage."

inside my poem, "White Is My Least Favorite Color" in Rogue Agent

read more here - http://www.rogueagentjournal.com/jcook


The New February flock of Thirteen Myna Birds!

The new February flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE! - https://13myna.blogspot.com/
Featuring three pieces of art AND two poems by Mish/Eileen Murphy! Three prose poems by Howie Good! Two poems by Kelly Gangeness! Three poems by Charles Cicirella!
"Birds that hadn’t learned to fly yet were about to be hauled away in trucks - I woke up screaming like a Barbie with no head and whose Dreamhouse is under water - soaked through and through with debris and fish feces - a shortage of coffins - The Pope shakes in awe by the power of the chainsaw - I’m lost in the narcissistic membranes of brain synapses that pay me no mind - like the cave in your head - presiding over its own prolonged rebirth - Maybe I should ask for help. I just don't know. It’s all a bit of a blur - The only thing that has ever made one iota of sense to me is the art and the art never fails me even when I fail myself"


A NEW Review of a Vintage Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook ("Girl Gang" by Juliet Cook)

"There is a thread in the literary world that has always separated the artists from the writers, the authors from the illustrators, and those who paint a picture with our words from those that paint a picture with their brush. Every work that Juliet Cook does seems to blow this idea out of the water, and I must confess that I get a little giddy when another one of her works makes it into my hands. How, then, that 2007’s Girl Gang has evaded me for this long is beyond me.
Bound in pink ribbon, the lavender cover immediately grabs one’s attention, as if to hearken back to the days of fairy tales and properly gendered toys. And while the silver-shimmer-glitter pages add an aesthetic all its own, one would be mistaken to think that this would be a leisurely stroll down the hallowed halls of feminine stereotypes.
This book grabs your stereotypes by the balls and force-feeds them to you."
These lines are the beginning of a vintage review by M. Earl Smith of my Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "Girl Gang", which was published in 2007.
The review was just published yesterday at Galatea Resurrects, but the reason it's vintage is because the chapbook is more than 10 years old. 😮
The reason this chapbook evaded the reviewer for so long might partly be because I've had it discontinued from the Blood Pudding Press shop for several years now.
But for the next person who purchases a chapbook from Blood Pudding Press, I'll throw a free copy of "Girl Gang" into your purchase. 
Here's a link to the Blood Pudding Press shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress