Barbaric Restraint - three new poems of mine are up at Yellow Chair Review Issue 8

"Some men think that restraining another
man equates to breaking the bones
of his face into tiny pieces."

The first three lines from my three Barbaric Restraint poems, up at the NEW Yellow Chair Review Issue 8.

More HERE - http://www.yellowchairreview.com/single-post/2016/09/26/Three-Poems-by-Juliet-Cook


A collaborative poem by Juliet Cook and Adam Tedesco within the NEW Fall Issue of CONSTRUCTION!

"How many people fall and think
it’s too late to be an organ
donor for anyone anymore?
My organ music has turned off
you and your skull witch
lab cryogenics cracked into
the shot glass of the mirror."
from "Our Last Sabbath Whirring Down", a collaborative poem by Adam Tedesco and myself.
Very excited that this poem appears within the NEW Fall issue of CONSTRUCTION!
You can read it and/or listen to Adam and me read it HERE - http://constructionlitmag.com/the-arts/poetry/our-last-sabbath-whirring-down/


Women Unbound Presents Grotesque Glitter, The Poetry of Juliet Cook

One week from today, Saturday, October 1st, from 2-4 PM!

Sometimes I worry that even though I FEEL like I have depth, maybe I'm not expressing my own depth to the extent that I think I am. Maybe I just FEEL the depth, but it's mostly stuck inside my own head and the stuff that comes out is basically just repetitive.


Queen of Cups Issue Nineteen (Juliet Cook and The Hierophant)!

"I replaced brains with hearts then wanted to rip my heart out,
then thought about pouring another heavy dose
of sweet cream into the latest small bird coffin."
I'm quite excited to have three of my poems appearing in this week's Queen of Cups!
Thank you very much to editor Sarah Sousa for choosing these three poems - "Everyone Handles Death Differently", "House of Her Cards" and "Batter Up".


(At first I thought it seemed odd that the card drawn for me was The Hierophant, but this interpretation of that card makes sense to me - "The appearance of this card can also point to a problem you are having with all of the above, your inability to conform to institutional demands and follow a pre set program, and your disinclination to give up freedom and individuality for the benefit or a larger group".
In fact, that description seems to fit especially well with my "Batter Up" poem, whose content largely derived from sometimes feeling as if even nontraditional realms, such as poetry land, sometimes seem to feel like some sort of semi-institutionalized circle jerk of a side taking, cake flinging popularity contest, whereas I have no intention of taking any one side of any one chair.)



The New September flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived!

"The flowers may never be well again - Cold fronts enter spring - Glances become knives - your name branded on my mind among fields of cotton candy suicides - Mountains of snow in my head - bloated in the sweltering sun - enshrined among - the vacuum of space or the vacuum within - used for drawing blood"

The NEW end of spring/beginning of fall Thirteen Myna Birds flock has arrived! Offering new poetry by Tonya Eberhard, James Croal Jackson, Jameson Bayles, Daniel G. Snethen, and Devon Balwit (and two older poems still remaining by Louise Robertson).

I'm not (cl)aiming to be animalistic

(Whatever animalistic even means, since not all dogs are the same, not all cats are the same, and not all animals can be lumped together).
In any case, some people seem to feel that humans are ultimately animals, with an instinct to propagate and compete for their own animalistic gains.

I don't live inside anyone else's brain, so I can only speak for myself, in terms of instincts, thoughts, feelings, and drive.

I'm driven to create, but I'm certainly not driven to create offspring.

Have I ever in my life wanted to propagate? No. In fact, the idea of getting pregnant/giving birth/having kids has always grossed me out. So propagation is not an automatic instinct or a natural drive for everyone.

I have an ongoing sex drive, which has alternated over time (partly based on experience, partly based on hormonal flow) from mentally focused to extremely physically focused to in-between the two. Even when I had an extremely high sex drive that was strongly physically focused, I was never drawn towards strangers based on their looks. It's not that I didn't like looking at various people (men and women) and finding them visually appealing, but I had no desire to get physical with someone just based on what they looked like. Even when I masturbate, I'm rarely visualizing a specific face or body. I'm visualizing  what a man is saying to me and doing to me.

I care about the way I look and I enjoy other people finding me attractive, but I much more strongly enjoy being found visually attractive AND appealing/stimulating on a more in-depth level too. On a unique individual brain-based level, involving the way I think. I wish someone thought I was uniquely special on multifaceted levels, and if some guy was just into me because of how I looked (or simply because I had a vagina), that would lose its appeal very quickly. People who are easily drawn to others predominantly based on looks are probably drawn to lots of different others and who wants to be one of that pack. Not me.

I got myself unexpectedly upset yesterday by reading a new poetry chapbook by a woman, in which the poems all seemed to be implying that women are dumb, women are shallow, women are lacking in depth and don't really care, women are mean and cruel and vicious and secretly hate other women, women are competitive with other women, women are prone to stealing from and attacking other women, women don't really care about anything other than themselves and looking good and being the one in control. I think (I hope) this collection of poems was purposely intended to be enraging and make people angry and upset, but it really upset me in a non-enjoyable way, causing me to wonder/worry what if a lot of women really feel this way, because I sure don't.

Am I hard to please because I'm not sure what could possibly ultimately satisfy me? Yes. Am I brimming with mixed feelings? Yes. Do I have a jealous streak? Yes. But I don't lash out because of it. Do I have a competitive streak? Yes to a certain extent, but I don't purposely work against others for my own gain.

I have no desire to hurt anyone else in order to get ahead or win - or to hurt anyone else for no particular reason at all. I have no desire to cause anyone else pain or heartache or suffering. It's hard for me to handle my own emotions and I have no desire to control or purposely screw around with anyone else's. I have no desire to knock anyone down in order to rise above them or to steal or to lie or to do anything fake.

I have no desire to compete in a fake, false sort of way in a fake, false sort of world.

I want all my emotions, thoughts, feelings and behavior to be real . Not part of a prize fighting game. Not part of a dog fighting blood bath that ends in death.

Even though humans are animals, I'm not the kind of animal who would bite or tear or break or eat another creature into pieces in order to be on top or in control.

I don't want the kind of control that involves competing, ruining or destroying someone else.

It's not that I'm denying certain animalistic cravings, but mine don't involve  crushing other animals or fucking any animal I can get and then ripping it apart and eating it and finding a new one.

NEW Reality Beach Issue Three!

The NEW Reality Beach Issue Three includes "Mangled Is Still Alive", an individual poem by Juliet Cook (which you can read and listen to Cook read), "Defenestration Below Ground", a collaborative poem by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain, and oodles of other strange creative powers for you to partake of!
Thank you very much for the creative flow of Reality Beach.
Partake of the new Reality Beach Issue Three!

"Mangled Is Still Alive" - http://realitybeach.org/issue-three/cook/
ALL of REALITY BEACH ISSUE THREE - http://realitybeach.org/issue-three/

The collaborative poem "Defenestration Below Ground", also appears within j/j hastain and Juliet Cook's NEW full length poetry book, "A Red Witch, Every Which Way", available from Hysterical Books HERE http://www.hystericalbooks.com/#!product-page/cl84u/1a2d7e83-4bef-31d5-09e1-3326ee271c09