NEW! the Lunch Bucket Brigade #3 (and my poem inside it)!

I was very happy to receive copies of the Lunch Bucket Brigade #3 in the mail Tuesday - and Wednesday seems like a good day to share the cover and my Museum of Impending Death poem inside it.


The Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook "i saw god cooking children / paint their bones" by john compton is ON SALE for the rest of the week!

January 20 is Blood Pudding Press poet john
's 34th birthday and so in honor of his birthday, his Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "i saw god cooking children / paint their bones" will be on sale (25% off) from now until the end of the week!

Take a peek and consider acquiring a copy for yourself or a friend HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/876451232/new-i-saw-god-cooking-children-paint?ref=shop_home_feat_1&pro=1


Recently received copies of The Men Who Made Bonfires (Scurfpea Publishing 2020 Poetry Anthology)!

The Men Who Made Bonfires is the Scurfpea Publishing 2020 Poetry Anthology, edited by Daniel G. Snethen and including a collaborative poem by j/j hastain and me and an individual poem by me, along with many others.

I recently received a contributor copy in the mail with a wonderful letter from Daniel G. Snethen. Some people might not like having their poem(s) described this way, but I love it. 🖤
Here's a photo of the front of the anthology - a scan of the letter - and my individual poem.

Recently received copies of EXCUSE ME Mag!

I recently received a few darkly delectable copies of EXCUSE ME Mag, which has one of my poems inside its strange portals.

Here's a photo showing the cover of the mag - and my poem (which you can see more closely by clicking the photo). 🖤💜❤️
You can get your own copy HERE - https://franticflicker.com/


The first Thirteen Myna Birds flock of 2021 has arrived!

 The first Thirteen Myna Birds flock of 2021 is HERE! - https://13myna.blogspot.com/

Including art by MISH Eileen Murphy and Ariana Stockwell and poetry and micro fiction by James Croal Jackson, Martin Willitts Jr., Donna Dallas, john compton, Cat Russell, Joe Kidd, Kristin Garth, and Heather Santo

"We want to leap over sadness like acrobats, but our hearts won’t let us - I was born from ice and slept in a cradle of clouds - deep in hidden drawers - the constant bombardment of memory - an awful science project gone awry - there is no tender-hearted romance - we spray the rainbow down with diesel - as eaters become the eaten - a color of stories, a vacuum filling - the snow inebriated the land - unblinking at her executioner - mouths forming holes - a vertebrae crushed, marked by the teeth of a beast - appreciate what the murderers have said - You can be trapped in an opulent house - rotting in the walls - I begged to be put out of my misery..."

"Eating donuts in an alternate universe" by MISH


NEW! The Lunch Bucket Brigade #3 is now available!

Very happy to have a poem included in the Lunch Bucket Brigade #3, now available for only $5. "Available now: LBB Zine #3. Packed with 10 poems from 10 poets. Packed with fire, steam, and blue collar grit and beauty.

It’s a damn good issue. Featuring poetry by Kayla Marie Williams, Kerry Trautman,
Brian Rihlmann
, Joshua Gage, Jim Landwehr,
Josh Olsen
John Dorsey
, Juliet Cook, Sue Blaustein & Dan Denton. Artwork by Keith Scasny.
$5. Free shipping.


When big deaths turn into more little deaths...

Dreams last night involved pets dying. I don't remember the details of how my cat died, but I think it was some sort of illness that wasn't properly cared for because we were focused on something else. My friends sick mouse died because even though both of us had been paying careful attention to the sleeping area and pills laid out for it in its own little space, one of us forgot to shut the door on the way out and the next time we returned to the room to check on the sick mouse, it was gone and we knew it was dead. We realized one of us had forgotten to shut the door and I admitted it was me, even though I wasn't sure.

Even though the dream focused on small animals dying, when I woke up, I kept thinking about people making too many little mistakes and quick and easy assumptions about what is or isn't safe behavior during this ongoing virus. Such as people seeming to assume that it's reasonable to spend time in person with various other family members who don't live with them and seeming to think that they know what those other family members are doing elsewhere or whether those other family members own living environments (as well as those of other friends or family members they spend time with too) are reasonably and relatively safe, even if people aren't asking each other many questions and are choosing to make decisions based on guesses, assumptions, or a bare minimum of information, because it's easier that way.

When I was a kid and had a pet teddy bear hamster, my family was visiting a relative in another state and we couldn't take my pet with us. I overstocked its cage with extra food and water and put a book on the top of the cage, so the hamster couldn't somehow sneak itself out. When my family returned home from our trip, I almost immediately went to the hamster cage and somehow my pet had gotten out anyway. We searched the home and finally found her, huddled up in the corner of a lower kitchen cabinet, dead.


NEW! A collaborative poem by me and John Compton is in the BEDROOM at Pink Plastic House!

"until they popped out and started crawling
under the bed"

in John Compton and my collaborative poem, "I Never Promised You a Clean Bedroom" in the BEDROOM of Pink Plastic House

Partake of more HERE - https://kristingarth.com/


Lit Cleveland 2020 Celebration of Writers - Poetry AND links to some 2020 poetry chapbooks

My 2020 poetry chapbook, "The Rabbits With Red Eyes" (Ethel) appears on this list of Lit Cleveland 2020 Celebration of Writers - Poetry.

💜 Thank you to Lit Cleveland.
https://www.litcleveland.org/post/2020-celebration-of-writers-poetry?fbclid=IwAR3BGK3iyv_xL94GJ9hJJT6_3qRMHn7SHN_bOG7yieRtg0A42tXWlunFcD4 *** If interested in finding out a bit more about this chapbook and maybe even acquiring a copy for yourself or a friend, you can do so via Ethel HERE - https://www.ethelzine.com/the-rabbits-with-red-eyes OR via my own Blood Pudding Press shop HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/792299569/new-the-rabbits-with-red-eyes-by-juliet?ref=shop_home_feat_4 *** Another 2020 poetry collection of mine you can check out for free online (or offer a small donation if so inclined) is my micro-chapbook, "Histrionics Inside My Interior City", published by the 2020 Ghost City Press Summer Micro-Chap Series HERE - https://ghostcitypress.com/2020-summer-series/histrionics-inside-my-interior-city?fbclid=IwAR3lDG5A_L11_0v_-3T9Uvl4GX2u2mClInnLFcXfcBk4nFwv7LaO1IB4xRU


NEW! One of my Museum of Impending Death poems in Guest 14 (Stop ignoring this)

Guest 14 was edited by Michael Sikkema (for above/ground press c/o rob mclennan) and includes 4 of my Museum of Impending Death poems. This is the 4th.