Happy December!

Happy December! Even for those of us who don't like December much (which includes me), the first day of this month is off to a wonderful start for me poetically speaking.
I received an acceptance of a poem from Muse /A Journal!
A podcast interview of me (about poetry and other stuff) is up at This Choice, HERE - https://renpowell.com/2016/12/01/this-choice-juliet-cook/
In the next few days, I plan to make a small announcement about Blood Pudding Press.


A Red Witch, Every Which Way might make a unique holiday gift!

"A Red Witch, Every Which Way" the 2016 new full-length collaborative poetry book by me & j/j hastain, published by Hysterical Books, includes more than 100 pages of poems and might make a creative holiday gift if you or the recipient are into emotional gore. 

You can acquire a copy from my very own Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/473901408/new-a-red-witch-every-which-way-2016?ref=shop_home_active_2

You can also acquire a copy from the Hysterical Books website AND via Amazon.

HERE - http://www.hystericalbooks.com/#!product-page/cl84u/1a2d7e83-4bef-31d5-09e1-3326ee271c09

HERE - https://www.amazon.com/Red-Witch-Every-Which-Way/dp/0940821044


The NEW November flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is more disturbing than your standard stuffing!

"Things were different before this - I used to be alive - Now that the clocks have fallen back, the clouds resemble - the universe that’s been dying in my stomach - loaded onto conveyor belts - on a foot bridge over the canal, staring down at the mossy water - In these frequencies the skin of light jumps - Sea ground glass bits washed ashore - Tiny scraps of frayed paper - Incoherent pieces - I place each tooth onto a half-torn tissue - memory from breakage - paint a bloody cross near my sternum - Death somewhere deep inside my body" The NEW November flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived, offering new poems by Howie Good, Jennifer E. Hudgens, Melissa Eleftherion, and Michael D. Grover, HERE - http://13myna.blogspot.com/ Partake and help spread the word.


Vintage Phallic Shaped/Bullet Shaped/Dildo Shaped Toothpick Dispenser

Vintage Phallic Shaped/Bullet Shaped/Dildo Shaped Toothpick Dispenser from the 1940s.
You can see more photos of it and find out more about it in the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop HERE - 



Post Election Night:

I don't know what to say. I guess more than half of our country wants to move backwards.
And/or I guess a lot of people wanted to make some kind of statement against the flaws of our political system.
But what kind of statement are you making by voting for a racist, sexist, narcissist?
I can understand people wanting to change things, but not wanting to change things by moving backwards and putting him in charge.
In any case, we now have a racist, sexist, attention grabbing rich man with no political experience as our president and I guess that's what the majority of our country wants.

The Day After:

I'm upset but I'm not going to silence myself, even though I was tempted to today.

I'm not going to directly lash out at or purposely condescend to other individuals, but here's how I feel about our country as a group. 

We're more divided than I thought we were. 

We're either more unintelligent or more angry, hateful, and screwed up then I thought we were.

I feel like our country is a screwed up mess, who chose to elect a cheating, lying, game playing, manipulative, con artist, racist, sexist, anti-everything other than being in charge man for president - and I don't understand why.

Do we really have that many easily tricked people in our country - or is this the man we really wanted to place in charge of our country?

Do we really have that many people in our country who are unwilling or unable to educate themselves?

Do we really think he will actually care about us?

He's rich, he's mean, and he's degrading to all kinds of others. What makes some of us believe he will rise us or our country up?

Do we want to see other people knocked down?

Do we really have that many hateful people in our country that get glee out of degrading others, knocking others to the ground, cutting others into smaller pieces, taking away others individual rights, and lowering our country?

Do we really have that many racist, sexist, anti-everything other than themselves people in our country? 

Do we really have that many people who want our country to move backwards?

I hope I'm wrong.  I hope our new president and our country is less divided and more caring than I feel like they are. 

But I feel like a lot of people just don't care - and a lot of people's strongest feelings are feelings of hate.

And in my mind, we now have a gross, hateful demagogue for president. 

Here's the definition of demagogue - "a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument."

How I feel right now about half of our nation is WHY?  I know a lot of people disliked Clinton and the standard political system - but enough to choose Trump? 

An outdated racist, sexist man who wasn't even a politician until last night. How does someone with no political experience know how to take control of our country from a political perspective. 

Maybe he'll grab our country by the pussy and then bankrupt us and break us even further apart.


from A Red Witch, Every Which Way

"my so called partner starts
eating them before they're ready.
It feels like every time I eat
it pulps out out immediately,
it explodes itself inside me
instead of growing all the way.

I'm starting to hate my body.
The only way I can control it is if I starve,
stop planting, stop hanging
my art on my own hooked walls."

from the poem "Broken Burial", within the full-length collaborative poetry book, "A Red Witch, Every Which Way" by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain (published by Hysterical Books)

"A Red Witch, Every Which Way" is available within my Blood Pudding Press shop HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/473901408/new-a-red-witch-every-which-way-2016?ref=shop_home_feat_1


NEW in The Rising Phoenix Review - Blood on the unpillowed cases

"My fireworks are not even in control
of the red blood cells turning
into glowing alien space ships
dripping down. An onslaught
of tiny strobe lights, of red snow
hitting my windshield.
Three dead birds on the top of my head
had wanted to fly inside my brain,
but never made it past the cracked hat."
from my poem "Blood on the unpillowed cases", newly appearing within The Rising Phoenix Review 


The Halloween flock of Myna Birds has arrived!

The Halloween incarnation of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived!
I was tempted to say Happy Halloween, but it's not very happy.
It's sad, disturbing, deathly, and haunted by discomfort and fear.
New poems by Tonya Eberhard, Lorraine Cipriano, Mark Antony Rossi, Matthew Rempe, Daniel G. Snethen, Wayne F. Burke, and John Grey are HERE - http://13myna.blogspot.com/
"I am an accident creating accidents - The teeth protruding from the ground - all the way to the brain cells - A voice screaming black crows from the lungs - gears replacing both eyes and feet - language sparse and close to the bone - kills the magpie - your soul a hollow shell - the hideous wormy thing in the middle - The bloodied wig - darkened and silenced by thick green curtains."


A Red Witch, Every Which Way now lives in my home (in time for Halloween 2016)!

Just in time for Halloween 2016, I have received my author copies of "A Red Witch, Every Which Way"!

I have now added a few of them to my Blood Pudding Press shop HERE -


"A Red Witch, Every Which Way", is the new 2016 full-length poetry book collaboration by j/j hastain and Juliet Cook, newly published by a new small press, Hysterical Books!

More than 100 pages of poems!

Cover image created by Carabella Sands.

"A Red Witch, Every Which Way" is "aboil with the grotesque and macabre. These poems explore the recesses of the body in all its glory and all its shame. No one will read it and come away unscathed."


This book is also available via the Hysterical Books website AND via Amazon.

HERE - http://www.hystericalbooks.com/#!product-page/cl84u/1a2d7e83-4bef-31d5-09e1-3326ee271c09

HERE - https://www.amazon.com/Red-Witch-Every-Which-Way/dp/0940821044