NEW! This Rotten Trumpet is Our Leader by me & Martin Willitts Jr is up at The Rising Phoenix Review!

There is no cure. We no longer desire to be cured.
We rather infect as many as we can, so we are all alike:
crushed plastic doll heads
in blood-splattered, contaminated rain
bending like trumpets someone sat on.
Soon nobody will have their own instruments.
within the poem, "This Rotten Trumpet is Our Leader" by me and Martin Willitts Jr, newly appearing within The Rising Phoenix Review

partake of more HERE - https://therisingphoenixreview.com/2020/07/10/this-rotten-trumpet-is-our-leader-by-juliet-cook-martin-willitts-jr/


A NEW Summer Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is Here

The NEW Summer flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE - http://13myna.blogspot.com/ 

Offering 13 poems by Mark J. Mitchell, Tom Montag, Eryn Tan Zhi Ying, Kristin Garth, Willa Jarnagin, Cat Russell AND 2 pieces of art by MISH 
Bougainvillia rain by MISH
"All your glory’s hidden by folded masks - Scents of sharp sterile swabs - Moths batter themselves against the tent - Talons will tear a coverlet in pink - grey matter splattered upon the wall you beat your head against - Merciless ravaging of life - We are twins in different universes - the halos of tarnished angels - the slow decay of bodies - the sweetness of an imagined kiss - where each of us holds to this strange broken world - when those loud fires came into her dreams - Tomorrow another mask"


NEW! July is upon us and Sein und Werden has re-emerged and includes one of my poems!

The newborns born into this
might have to be contained
in one space for the rest of their little lives.

July is upon us and Sein und Werden has re-emerged! I'm delighted to have one of my Museum of Impending Death poems appearing in this new Summer 2020 Issue, Le Retour!
I love the art next to my poem - Entombed By Their Hate by Walter Savage!
Thank you very much to Rachel Kendall for including my poem!



"Another stunning collection, Juliet. Like dark spells cast backwards, imploding into red dust and shards of crystal salt."
A little mini-review by Janie C. of my new micro-chapbook, "Histrionics Inside My Interior City" published last week by Ghost City Press
You can read the HISTRIONICS here
https://ghostcitypress.com/2020-summer-series/histrionics-inside-my-interior-city fbclid=IwAR3lDG5A_L11_0v_-3T9Uvl4GX2u2mClInnLFcXfcBk4nFwv7LaO1IB4xRU


In case you missed Juliet Cook's HISTRIONICS last week...

In case you missed my new poetry micro-chapbook, "HISTRIONICS INSIDE MY INTERIOR CITY" this past week and might want to read it this weekend or beyond, here it is! 🖤💗💜

(Also, more micro-chapbooks will be coming out from the Ghost City Press 2020 Summer Series next week and beyond!)
"I stumble towards my coffin
with a scepter in one hand;
a sticky red martini glass dripping from the other."


NEW! My New Micro-Chapbook, "Histrionics Inside My Interior City" is alive!

An adult babydoll dress on a rotting corpse.

A dark abyss filled with rats wearing babydoll dresses.

Doll eyes replaced with moth balls.

Doll hair cut into rattails.

Today, my Micro-Chapbook, "Histrionics Inside My Interior City"  is alive, thank you to Ghost City Press!

I love Ghost City and I am delighted to be included within the 2020 SUMMER MICRO CHAPBOOK SERIES!