Introducing the final Thirteen Myna Birds flock of 2019!

Introducing the final Thirteen Myna Birds flock of 2019!
Happy Holidays, whatever that means to you! Hopefully it involves oodles of poetry! 🖤
This flock is like a strange and scary and oddly misshapen stocking stuffed with mutant wings of poetry by Holly Day, Howie Good, Kristin Garth, Davide Nixon, Thomas E. Simmons, and Gary Beck!
Then at the bottom of the flock are three creepy doll poems by Daniel Snethen, from his PEDIOPHOBIA poetry chapbook, coming very soon from Blood Pudding Press!
"The morning sun is the beginning of my offensive day - The town, the river, the woods just kept on screaming - The whole downtown was sinking an inch a year even as downtown properties continued to rise in value - just like the perfect baby that somehow came out of me - I need more holes always surrounding me - spitting expired spirits, and old smoke in young lungs - open throated barely legal ghosts - software insertion - little bouquets of truth are buried - watching nothing, dreaming of nothing - When robots develop a sense of the macabre They’ll have approached human equivalency - Thunderstorms are people - broken contortions - with breathing machines hooked up - Something rising unbidden out of the dark - You’re moving away rather than moving toward something. I can't be sure if you’ll ever come back."



A contorted photo from my latest poetry reading

Maybe my own poetry contorts my own face or maybe my own brain contorts my own poetry or maybe...

Me as the opening reader, reading some of my poetry, at the Toledo Lucas Public Library, Saturday November 23, 2019. Photo taken by Darryl Shupe.


This Saturday November 23 - A Poetry Reading at Toledo Lucas Public Library

A poetry reading this coming Saturday November 23 from 4-5 PM at Toledo Lucas Public Library/King Road Branch!

I'll be the opening reader and Michael Hackney will be the featured reader!

Thank you to Michael for inviting me to read with him. (I still have to decide what I'm going to read.)



Excited to receive a 2019 Pushcart Prize Nomination!

Delighted to find out and announce that j/j hastain and I's long collaborative poem, "Myth Owls Targeted At Evil" has been nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize by Misfit Magazine!!! 


NEW in Burning House Press - "Every Room Whispers Itself into Your Ear"!

"In this room, someone will tell you she can cast a spell
in order to reveal who your real friends are,
but what if you find out you don’t have any real friends?"
in my poem, "Every Room Whispers Itself into Your Ear" at Burning House Press (NO MACHINE WITHOUT A GHOST theme, guest edited by Mauve Perle Tahat, with art by Moriah M. Mylod)

read more HERE - https://burninghousepress.com/2019/11/14/every-room-whispers-itself-into-your-ear-by-juliet-cook/


Meet the Authors at Oddmall Outpost - Saturday November 2

This coming Saturday, if all does according to plan, I will have a table at this event, offering poetry chapbooks/books by me and my Blood Pudding Press. 🖤


NEW in Elephants Never! A collaborative poem by j/j hastain and me - Until They Are Well Done.

"Everyone decomposes in the end,
so you might as well turn yourself in
to a tree with leaves that will drop
in different directions."

the beginning of the poem "Until They Are Well Done", by j/j hastain and me, appearing within this week's Elephants Never!

read more HERE - https://elephantsnever.com/until-they-are-well-done/