fancy peckers

Happened upon this very pretty, fun looking website called Fancy Find, which has an appealing feature called Toybox Tuesdays, which is presently offering up (amongst other delectable offerings) a wondrous mermaid poem by Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom, which originally appeared upon Thirteen Myna Birds. I thought I'd share so that the poem could be experienced again, in a frilly pink new context:


Speaking of Thirteen Myna Birds, the latest flight formation is delightfully evocative, dark, and edgy. When I titled this post 'fancy peckers' I was thinking about sharp-beaked birds. Subject yourself unless you're a fraidy cat:



P.S. First designer vagina acceptance; one designer vagina forthcoming in DIAGRAM.

Also a recent acceptance of a paper doll poem by ABJECTIVE, to be published on Halloween.


Update: It would appear that someone happened upon the Thirteen Myna Birds blog this morning after searching for "naked feet spanking". Hmmm...

Other than that, I've had a stressful morning with too many variables.

More hairs probably turning gray.


Contrary to popular belief, I'm sensitive and my feelings are easily hurt.

It seems like those closest to me should know this, but apparently they don't.

The popular belief part is inaccurate. There's pretty much nothing popular about me.

Oh well.