the birds are freaking out

Okay, so maybe my pieces that Andrew Borgstrom posted on his blog today are not exactly 'thingees'. They're more like poems of sorts that I wrote to him in response to his 'Dear Myna' poem that is currently #13 on Thirteen Myna Birds. I told him he could do whatever he wanted with them and he posted them on his blog.

So visit Thirteen Myna Birds at http://13myna.blogspot.com/ and read #13 and then click on Andrew's name, which will link you to his blog, where you can read my response pieces. The line breaks are kinda wonky; they're supposed to look like chunks, but I guess you can just pretend they're chunky. They're chunky in spirit.

I'm a little behind on some stuff, partly because I have a big job interview tomorrow and have been spending big chunks of the last two days freaking out, mentally preparing, and other prep. So if you recently submitted to Thirteen or I'm supposed to get back to you about your chapbook or you're awaiting some Blood Pudding Press goodies or something, it's coming soon.

In the meantime, you can read my article about Rape-aXe:


P.S. I just got this nifty little email from a local friendly acquaintance:

"My mom just called me to tell me about her coworker Chuck and how he was making a movie and offered us tickets. She mentioned to him that I liked to write and he told her about some fabulously awesome writer in Columbus that I would be interested in. My mom calls me, and says, "hey, have you ever heard of this website for this blood pudding thing?"

Made me feel good, but now I'm wondering who this Chuck chickadee is. Speaking of freaky birds...