My latest poetry chapbook PINK LEOTARD & SHOCK COLLAR is now available from Spooky Girlfriend Press in a VERY limited edition print run of only 25 copies. They are only $3.00 each!

Heck, at that rate I might buy some of them myself and resell them for $33.00 after licking the nipples and sticking on some googly eyes!

So if you want one on the cheap, you'd better buy it now before I do!

The picture atop my words here is an image of the cover art by Alexis Dietz, but on the real chapbook, it appears upon a hot pink backdrop.

You can read a few more details about the chapbook, including how to buy, here:



Monday: I just opened my back door to let the dog out and there is a strange pair of men's sandals (not belonging to myself or my husband) on the door mat, right in front of the door, directly facing the door,as if someone with an invisible body is just about to knock...

I hope he's a poet and I wish he would materialize soon and come downtown with me and buy me a smoothie or something. I don't really care for running errands by myself, but alack. I guess I just ought to quit dawdling and proceed, as there is very much to be done and I must get those errands out of the way soon.

At least I wrote an odd new poem this morning and am quite pleased with it. I wish I could spend hours & hours writing poems, but...