bloody jiggling jello squares (misshapen)

Yes, this same posting also appears upon the Bloody Ooze. I'm multi-tasking, okay? Maybe I should re-title this blog 'CandyDishDoom's More Businesslike Fratneral Twin'. Or maybe not.

Anyway, this review makes me really happy. I was having a not-so-hot day yesterday and this review came to my attention right before bed, whereupon my mood substantially improved and now I'm starting today in good spirits. I think that more good poetry news will be on its merry way very soon, so stay tuned.

I've also been alternating between paper dolls and designer vaginas in the realm of my own poetry writing and feeling pretty inspired. Okay, here's the re-post:

The new issue of The Chapbook Review includes a strangely delightful and lusciously edible (complete with take out menu) review of SPIDER VEIN IMPASTO, served up oh so creatively by daring diner Andrew Borgstrom.

SPIDER VEIN IMPASTO was (and still is, for that matter) the latest Blood Pudding Press multi-writer project, offering up some highly questionable wordmeats and bloody jiggling jello squares (misshapen) by a variety peculiarly yunmy poets.

After you read Borgstrom's wonderful assessment of this delectable project, you're probably going to want to acquire your very own copy. Lucky for you, they are still available for acquisition in the Blood Pudding Press shop at http://www.bloodpuddingpress.etsy.com/. With ribbon bindery and bakery lables even!

Read Borgstrom's review BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE, mutant muffins!http://thechapbookreview.com/current-issue/spider-vein-impasto/


In other poetry news, I'm also quite excited about 'Tongue Like a Stinger', my new e-chapbook, to be published by Wheelhouse in mere days!

It's a mix of older and newer poetry--the older up to a few years old (and including my poem 'Some Explanations for Fainting Goats' which appeared in the Best of the Net 2007 Anthology and was also nominated for a Pushcart Prize, thanks to Prick of the Spindle)--the newer written within the last half year or so.

Earlier versions of this manuscript were in circulation for a few years under different titles, inlcuding 'Fainting Goats & Other Wayward Animals' and 'Mounting Sting', but I'm considerably more pleased with the newest 'Tongue Like a Stinger' incarnation and very happy it will be represented by Wheelhouse.


Oh yeah and I also forgot to mention that one of my poems was chosen by the editors of Cherry Bleeds to appear in an upcoming anthology called 'Best Cuts'. They will be publishing 'Bouncy Ball', an earlier version of a piece that later became 'Cosmetic Surgery'.

You can swallow the bouncy ball inside 'PROJECTILE VOMIT', my 2008 e-chapbook published by Scantily Clad Press, here:


And/or you can go under my knife for some hideous cosmetic surgey, version #2, which was published by Rain Fade, here:


Golly, I am just filled with poetry news today.


AND YET ANOTHER little poetry tidbit, can you even believe it? As you may or may not have been informed, the very latest Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook is lovely Lisa Ciccarello's 'At night, the dead:'

Well, if you'd like to view a photo of Lisa's sweet legs as she reads from this volume, then please do visit the Bloody Ooze.

Do sexy legs sell poetry?