Locker Room Banter #4

I don't care if some people think I'm writing too much about this. At least I'm taking the time to write out my own thoughts on it, instead of just ignoring it like it's nothing or giving the incorrect impression that I don't really care or don't feel one way or the other.
Any of you men who are saying or implying stuff about how Trump's most recently revealed sexist derogatory commentary was no big deal, and saying or thinking stuff like, "That was 11 years ago, we all make mistakes and say the wrong things, quit making such a big deal about this and just give the guy a break".
Yes we all make mistakes and say the wrong things sometimes. We've all probably said our fair share of offensive things too.
But most of us aren't running for president and trying to hide or deny all the offensive things we've said and done and act like they're no big deal or perfectly normal.
Trump has an ongoing repeated background of lewd and crude and offensive and sexist comments about women and treatment towards women. This wasn't a onetime mistake.
Furthermore, 11 years ago, Trump was almost 60. It's not like he was some young, inexperienced teenager who hadn't grown up yet. And it's not like he's hugely changed his personality and way of thinking in the last eleven years.
He was already almost 60, he had been married to his new wife for less than a year, his new wife was pregnant, and he was blurting out comments about trying to fuck another married woman, trying to quickly and forcefully kiss attractive women, and grabbing a woman by the pussy.
Is that really no big deal to some of you men? How about some of you married man? Would it be fine with you if he was blabbing about trying to fuck your wife? How about some of you married women? Would it be fine with you if your husband was blabbing to other men about trying to fuck other women?
Again, it's not a onetime thing or a first time mistake of Trump's. Maybe for some people, it was more of a last straw after having heard comment after comment about women being dogs and having fat ugly faces or else attractive pussies to grab.
It's not the word pussy that's the problem here. It's the implication that a man should be able to do whatever he wants to any woman's body. Kiss her, grab her, whatever he wants. It's his ongoing lack of respect for women and his implications that women's bodies are the best things they have to offer and are available for any celebrity man to grab and brag about.
Any of you guys who think this is no big deal must think it's fine to talk that way to and about women - and maybe you guys should go fuck yourselves and have locker room talk about each other's enormously offensive dicks.