Locker Room Banter #5

I don't usually post a bunch of political stuff online, but Friday/this past weekend I felt compelled to post a lot (related to my thoughts and feelings) because I didn't understand and felt really bothered and upset by how so many people seemed to think that Trump's kind of "locker room talk" was no big deal.
My remarks generated some interesting and meaningful conversation, but they also caused a man to rudely bash several women for having a different opinion than him and then block us, another man to start making all these little comments about liberal puritans, and some men (some women too) just don't seem to care or don't seem to understand why this "locker room talk" should not just be casually ignored.
Also, some people are making the most ridiculous comparisons, like defending Trump's comments by saying that tons of women like Fifty Shades of Grey. Um...Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic fictional BOOK. A BOOK ISN'T RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT.
Also, Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel based on BDSM. BDSM is CONSENSUAL sex that people choose to engage in together. Women aren't objecting to consensual sex or dirty words whispered into their ears if they want dirty words whispered into their ears. Women aren't objecting to their sex partner being in control sexually if they want their sex partner to be in control sexually.
Women are objecting to being objectified as nothing but pretty little holes.
Women are objecting to men who act like they're ALWAYS in control of every woman, even women they don't know, and since they're a rich controlling dickhead they're going to act like they can just grab any random woman's body parts whenever they feel like it, because that makes them feel even more powerful, because they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whoever they want.
I am grossed out, bothered and disturbed by Trump, but what bothers me just as much is that so many people still support him. And even if he's not elected, we will still have thousands of people in our country who thought it was a good idea to have someone like him as president of our country.
Frankly some of the talk that's been going on lately has caused me to feel more bothered by and wary of men. I know I can't lump all men together - but why do some men lump all women together as if we're mostly just pussies to grab - and why do some men seem to think it's no big deal to lump all women together as if we're mostly just pussies to grab.
Lately I seem to be having a harder time than usual knowing who can and can't be trusted, in terms of being genuine.
I woke up this morning feeling depressed and thinking why bother trying to express my point of view anyway? Most people probably don't care anyway. I think when I get really upset, I'm prone to becoming overly sad and depressed and thinking what is the point of ANYTHING? So I can let that happen OR I can try to rev myself up into an angry, legitimately pissed off mode and keep on expressing my own opinion.
I got myself out of the depressed mode fairly fast. You clueless fuckers can't bring me down, because I'm the one with the PUSSY and if any guy tries to casually grab it and take control of it, I will fight back.