Locker Room Banter #2

Trump being a presidential candidate really bothers me.

I was really bothered by Trump's pussy grabbing comments that were recently released and whether or not that was eleven years ago, he literally made those comments and acted like it was no big deal and just "locker room banter" and so I linked to a few of the news articles about it and made a few bothered comments on my own facebook page.
I few female friends commented on one of my posts about that, one of them said that "CNN pundits are finally calling it assault", then a male friend commented underneath that, "CNN is a Democratic news site". I read his comment and wasn't sure what that had to do with the matter, because why would any news site approve of those pussy grabbing comments. I was about to make a comment, but then I got a phone call and was on the phone for...I don't know, 45 minutes? Close to an hour?
Within an hour or less, a couple women commented on that guy's comment and within an hour or less, the guy casually joked around about Trump's comments and said there was no sexual assault involved, because unless a woman legally claims assault, then it's "just consenting adults". Then he claimed that Trump wasn't wrong, because celebrity men get away with bashing women's heads and rape and murder and so what did Trump do wrong.
Within an hour or less, he referred to these two women who disagreed with him as "stupid", and "retarded". He told them to shut the fuck up and to "go walk into traffic".
Mind you, I wasn't even involved in this conversation. I was away from my computer talking on the phone. When I got back online, less than an hour later, I saw a comment from one of the women saying that the guy's comments were gone, they must have been deleted. I hadn't deleted his comments though; I hadn't even read his comments or commented on his comments, because I hadn't been online. I could still see his comments, but I could no longer see his page. Within less than an hour, this guy had chosen to block two women who didn't agree with him and block me who hadn't even read or commented on his comments on my page.
Frankly, it kind of reminds me of Trump. He can casually bash other people, but gosh forbid anyone expresses a different opinion to him or objects to his opinion. Clearly anyone who objects to him is just a stupid retard.
I also find it odd that there are a few male "friends" of mine on facebook, that never comment on anything I post, except if they disagree with one of my rather infrequent political posts.
I also find it odd that the aforementioned thread involved several comments against Hillary supporters and liberals, because where is that automatic assumption even coming from with me and my comments?
I consider myself an Independent who definitely leans towards the Democratic party, but it depends on the candidate for me. I don't just blindly vote based on whether a candidate is Democrat or Republican. I will admit I am extremely anti-Trump, because he is very disturbing to me. But overall, I'm not extremely any one direction and I'm also not extremely liberal (although I am very against people combining politics with religion or people thinking politics should be in charge of female's decisions about their own bodies). I find it ridiculously WTF when people just seem to assume that anti-Trump people are extremely liberal OR that anyone who is bothered by men casually bantering about how they can grab a woman's pussy is a matter of being politically correct.
I'm not politically correct, but I sure as hell don't want some racist, sexist, narcissistic, pussy grabbing man who thinks the most valuable assets of a woman are her looks and her pussy to be the leader of our country.