Locker Room Banter #1

Trump casually refers to this sort of talk as "locker room banter" and acts like it's no big deal.

In my opinion, locker room banter if you're a teenage boy blabbing about female bodies is one thing. I'm not saying I enjoy that sort of banter (I certainly don't, because I wonder what sort of old-fashioned sexist rhetoric inspired it), but it's far different than middle aged men still bantering about female body parts and pussies as though those are the most appealing things a woman has to offer.

Plus the fact that when this got recorded, Trump was a newly married man, but still bantering away about fucking a different married woman and grabbing a woman's pussy.

Who the heck wants this kind of man for president?

Any of you men who think he's just being honest and this is the way all guys think and feel and talk, that makes me wonder why any woman even bothers getting married to any man, if that's true. It also makes me wonder why any woman should think she's anything very special to any man if men think it's perfectly fine to casually banter about fucking any attractive pussy they can get.

It creeps me out when men act differently with other men than the way they act with women.