Friday the 13th/Thirteen Myna Birds (+ another twist)

Friday the 13th/Thirteen Myna Birds update, writhing with lusty little suckers all over me!

For Friday the 13th, Thirteen Myna Birds has taken a lusty fling featuring a hideously yummy treat of darkly delicious and strangely scary female-centrism starring Mary Biddinger, Kathy Burkett, C. Delia Mulrooney, & Debrenee Adkisson.

Enjoy this euphoric plethora of womanly horror including slithering charm bracelets, an avalanche of nonpareils, a rainbow of glistening organ exposed, egg goo, a thirsty bloom, a gummy baby brain, always bleeding…



In addition to Thirteen Myna Birds online, I am also in charge of Blood Pudding Press, which creates occassional hand-designed print chapbooks. Today one of those chapbooks is part of a Twist of Lime on etsy . See below.

Ectoplasmic Necropolis now exists in a Twist of Lime - http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c66a341ad7a8eefa6257645/with-a-twist-of-lime

(Ectoplasmic Necropolis is a 30 page Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook starring the work of the following oozing literati: Shane Allison--Aimee DeLong--Brooklyn Copeland--Nava Fader--Adam Fieled--Jeff Roberts--Susan Slaviero--murmurists--Ken Pobo--Suzanne Grazyna--Juliet Cook--Rebecca Loudon--Andrew Lundwall--Daniela Olszewska--Candace Turlington--Misti Rainwater-Lites--Rachel Kendall--J.R. Pearson--Sharon Zetter--Brian Foley--Eddie Watkins--Jayne Pupek--Nicole Cartwright Denison--Melissa Severin--Donora Hillard--Sean Kilpatrick--AnnMarie Eldon--John Moore Williams--Rachel Lisi--John Rocco.)