Midwestern Gothic Poetry Reading (& More)

A recently received video of me reading 'Midwestern Gothic', the first poem from my chapbook 'Fondant Pig Angst' published by Slash Pine Press PLUS this reading was part of a big Slash Pine Press extravaganza this past April.

Thank you for the video Aunt Di & Sandy and thanks to yummy Slash Pine Press.

Also, if interested, partake of my other little Midwestern Gothic related note in the blog entry below. Slurp!

Also, you can partake of the other three poems I read during this event if you continue to click on the small poetry reading photos after the first listen. Those other pieces are 2. "Slumber Party Scandal -Operative Word" from my chapbook 'PINK LEOTARD & SHOCK COLLAR' published by Spooky Girlfriend Press - 3. "Purple Speculum" also from PINK LEOTARD & SHOCK COLLAR - 4. "Giant Squid" from my chapbook "Soft Foam" published by Blood Puddig Press for the latest Dusie Kollektiv.

Untitled from Camerahead Sandy on Vimeo.


Other notes and poetry tidbits:

The above was my first post-stroke poetry reading.

Speaking of post-stroke, ALL of my post-stroke poems have now been accepted for publication, as well as all but one more of my Designer Vagina pieces. Hurrah! Poetry bits of mine are coming soon in 'Arsenic Lobster', 'Barn Owl Review', 'Beggars & Cheeseburgers', 'Caketrain', 'Compost', 'Horse Less Review', & 'Source Material'. Yay! Now I need to work on writing more, more, more!

Speaking of more yummy poetry, stay tuned for the next delish issue of Thirteen Myna Birds coming soon! Slurp.