poetry research (vaginas & poltergeists)

Today I typed myself into a search engine (I do this from time to time; let's just call it "poetry research") and happened upon this bizarre page called Vagina Connoisseur that randomly features a quote from one of my poems:


What the heck is going on here? I didn't willingly contribute my quote to this site. Does this have something to with my designer vagina poetry or maybe my new hair cut?

While I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, I can't say I'm entirely displeased. After all, I do like vaginas and I do like randomosity and this site seems to have plenty of both and more--from gynecological diagrams to vagina origami to a song playing in the background that sounds like it belongs in some kind of hokey Vagina Western...

If you click on the 'shop' link, you can even buy your own vagina costume.



Speaking of vaginas (well kinda), let's talk about questionable self-defense techniques for women.

Questionable self-defense technique #1--Disguise yourself as a vending machine:

Questionable self-defense technique #2--Wear blades or barbs inside your vagina:

Could we have some better options maybe? Pretty please?


I seem to be dragging my feet (and all my other extremities) a little bit re: the poltergeist article (and pretty much everything else) I had tentatively planned to complete today, so I might not be completing it until tomorrow.

So if anyone has a little firsthand account of poltergeist activity, feel free to make contact (with me; not the poltergeist) and I'll try to include you in my article.