poltergeists or psychokinesis?

Is a Poltergeist a Ghostly Interference or a Manifestation of a Suppressed Female Psyche?

A variation on the theme of my fondness for bloody telekinetic females and a brief exploration of cultural unease with female blood.


"The link between femininity and the harboring of otherworldly power signals a cultural anxiety about the very nature of being female and gestures towards a historical view of women as being both cursed and unclean."


And speaking of female power (and poetic blood), check out the Blood Pudding Press blog for a new announcement about what's next from Blood Pudding Press:



And speaking of what's next, here's the latest blurb from Slash Pine Press, who are soon to publish my own latest poetry chapbook, FONDANT PIG ANGST. Yay!

"It's coming in a month: FONDANT PIG ANGST. A chapbook of post-horrific proportions. Never have pastries and missing hands gone so well together. Pre-order available very, very soon."


And speaking of bloody horror films, Columbus-based indie film company CutThroat Entertainment (known to me because I do a little writing and PR for them) is soon to premiere their first short horror film, BREAK. You may have heard me mention this before; now I'm mentioning it again, because it's also coming soon--the evening of December 3 to be exact. Tickets are still available; in fact, you can get them through me.

If attending a special premiere party for an independent horror film sounds like an interesting proposition to you, you may find out more via my article here (one difference is that after I wrote this article, the ticket price was reduced to only $10 apiece):


If you're interested in acquiring tickets, just ask me. I'll be there and you can be there, too!


With my next update I should probably start a new entry, but here is one more update for this one. I have a new poem in the latest issue of Melusine: