"icing with amputation"

Slash Pine Press has just sent out an email announcing that my newest poetry chapbook, FONDANT PIG ANGST, is now available for pre-order for only $5.00. If you would like me to forward you a copy of this email, which includes an attached form to order by mail, please feel free to let me know. They will also begin offering an online ordering option via their website (www.slashpinepress.blogspot.com) within the next few days. Here is an excerpt from the email announcement by Joseph P. Wood, co-editor of Slash Pine Press:

"Slash Pine Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of our first chapbook of poems, Juliet Cook's dynamically gut-wrenching, Fondant Pig Angst. I feel confident in saying Juliet's voice is an American original, fusing pastry with grotesquerie, icing with amputation. These poems are not plainly 'dark'. No, they are alive and electric and full of verve and spunk, playfulness even, and it's these competing impulses that make for such an amazing collection of poems. Simply put, never have I seen a person convey the depths of human cruelty also be so in love with the language."

The tentative release date for FONDANT PIG ANGST is December 15.

(The Birthday Pig image, which will be the cover art on FONDANT PIG ANGST, is by the marvelous Marnie Weber.)


In other news, here is an updated article about the aforementioned extra-special Columbus Ohio indie horror movie event happening at Studio 35 on December 3. As of right now, tickets are still available. Let me know if you want in:



And here is another announcement for Fondant Pig Angst AND the latest Blood Pudding Press poetry offering, in the form of a Black Friday alternative. Happy Thanksgiving and beyond!