prayers for children, possibly blasphemous

Because possibly blasphemous is the best.

I'm not quite sure why I'm still up, though. Getting almost too bleary-eyed to type articulately. Plus, I have PMS. Plus, I'm not exactly convinced by my latest hair cut. BUT. That aside.

I'm here to say that my dog's newest lover is an entire bolt of fabric in a garish fake red velvet. I have the photos to prove it. Soon, I'll be blackmailing my own dog.

Also wrote a new designer vagina this evening, partly inspired by a childhood memory, although that sounds a little wonky, doesn't it.

Most especially though, I'm here to say that I have three poems in this fabulous, hideous, kinky new publication called Prayers for Children--and I find it so delightfully amusing that this mag. has a warning label advertising 'Queer Adult Content'. Woohoo! I love queer! So for the queer-friendly, check this out for sure. Lots of wonderfully provocative visual art and more.

As for my poems, the first piece 'Warm Milk' just so happens to be a selection from my upcoming chapbook FONDANT PIG ANGST (see entry below). Then there's a goth cheerleader piece. Then there's a different spin on Nellie Oleson piece. (I have several of these Nellie Oleson poems; another one of those is forthcoming in Columbia Poetry Review).

Anyway, this issue of Prayers for Children strikes me as very San Francisco (and I mean that very fondly) and I hope I can wrangle up some stuff to submit for their next issue and maybe you can too. Next issue has an ugly ducklings theme; this issue has an initiation theme. Check it out here: