June is feeling a bit icky. I ordinarily have a high ratio of acceptance for my submitted poems, but lately I seem to be experiencing more rejection than usual. Maybe it's just a FEELING of rejection and hopefully it's just a phase.

Still though, it feels bad enough being rejected from the job market for months & months--and now even my poems are getting rejected. Boo hiss.

Meanwhile, my skin is breaking out, I feel middle-aged and unsexy, my latest black ink jet printer cartridge had an unduly short life, my velvet ribbon proved unruly, my gray hairs are proliferating to the point I'm not enjoying my natural hair color anymore, I'm feeling perpetually behind despite my free time...

Oh and our mortgage payment is going to be late this month for the first time in...ever? Blech.

Maybe that's what the bank just called me about, but I wouldn't know, because as soon as I answered the phone, an automated voice informed me,'Please hold. You have a very important call'. I held for about 30 seconds before another automated voice piped in to let me know that, 'We are experiencing exceedingly high call volume'. Well then why did you call me at this time? It's bad enough having to hold when I make the call, but when YOU call me, then perhaps you should choose an oppurtune time for YOU.

I could go on, but I guess this is enough complaining for one blog, so the angst-fest ends now.

Anyway, I hope to have some better news to share later.