better news--Blood Pudding Press poetry, the dead, the velvet...

At night, the dead: is a darkly delectable poetry collection written by Lisa Ciccarello, one of the winners of the Blood Pudding Press chapbook contest.

The lovely cover art was designed by artist Emma Trithart.

The cover stock is pale gray, deckle-edged; the text stock is ivory, deckle-edged.

The pages are hand-numbered and spider-stamped.

This luscious tome is bound with ribbon and will also be tied up with a small expanse of luxurious black or dark red velvet.

Give yourself a macabre gift of resonant words bound in an artsy volume.

At night, the dead: may be procured individually for $7.00 or may be purchased as part of a Combination Package with another Blood Pudding Press chapbook of your choice for a substantial savings (please see separate listing). For trade copy or review copy inquiries, please feel free to contact me. To peruse or purchase, please do visit the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop at http://www.bloodpuddingpress.etsy.com/

Won't you pretty please die a little death with us?


update: In non-dead news, my husband brought home a passel of oysters (raw, in the shell) for dinner last night, neither of us having eaten oysters in years. As we neared the end of our dining experience, he cracked open an oyster to discover a tiny crab inside. Alive.

Too bad it wasn't a pearl.


Okay, back to assembling and binding and then more printing. Feeling a bit overwhelmed...


update: I wish I felt better about myself. Perhaps more on this tomorrow.

Keywords: tuna can, MRI