designer vagina

Perhaps better than performing a botched surgical procedure upon one's pet (see previous entry) would be performing an oddly artsy preservation procedure upon one's pet. Read my article about rogue taxidermy here:



Yesterday I kind of had to wonder about myself when I spent at least ten minutes of my online time scrolling through before & after photos of laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery. What was I doing and why?

Today, I realized that unbeknownst even to myself at the time, I had been conducting poetry research for a new series of poems called Designer Vagina. The series is already well underway and whee! Is it ever fun! Whatever lucky editor scores this little manuscript is going to be in for a treat--or perhaps I shall publish it myself!

Instead of calling it Designer Vagina by Juliet Cook it will be Juliet Cook's Designer Vagina.

Of course, that would also make a fabulous title for a female-centric literary magazine, but I already have my hands full, as it were.

Perhaps I should be blogging about something more subdued than designer vaginas, but I'm already restraining myself somewhat even as I type this.

I think it would be fun to start calling my poems in general designer vaginas.


I do have a few slightly more subdued, affirmative new discoveries to share, too, but I'll let interested parties investigate for themselves, because I need to write, clean, force myself to schedule a doctor appointment (not a designer vagina consultation) and more, but check these out, if you please.

A wonderful documentary about the ephemeral creations of landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy:

The PS22 Chorus (singing a gorgeous Tori Amos song):