I am extremely excited to have FOUR NEW POEMS appearing in Cul-de-sac of Blood!

Extremely delighted to have FOUR NEW POEMS appearing within Cul-de-sac of Blood!

Here's the editors description of the poems - The orbitoclast, a tiny hammerhead shark tap tapping us into place. “I was walking through a parking lot” leads us inevitably, somehow, to “I wasn’t sure if I was human anymore.” A standard red horror. In these poems by frequent contributor Juliet Cook, medically-induced terror finds us where we live

Here's a few lines from the poem "Both Similar and Dissimilar" -

I wasn't sure if I was human anymore.
Maybe I was a goose in labor,
giving birth to a subhuman or else   
I was in the middle of aborting my own brain
inside another terrible dream, trapped 
underneath a seeping blue machine
shaped like a giant pill container
with cracked slots that don't keep anything inside.

And here's where you can read all four poems! - https://www.culdesacofblood.com/juliet-cook-2  

Also, underneath the four poems, you can click on a link to learn a little bit more about the poems, such as what inspired them...

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