NEW! Itty Bitty Painting Collage Art Hybrid Creature - one of a kind abstract art with hairless doll head affixed

ALIENATED (HAIRLESS BUT NOT HEADLESS) is the title of this TINY one-of-a-kind, painting/collage art hybrid creature.

The Mini Canvas is 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 square, not counting the protruding jiggly little hairless doll head on top. In addition to the doll head, the piece includes acrylic paint, one googly eye, and a snippet of glitter.

It has now been added to my Blood Pudding Press shop HERE - https://www.etsy.com/listing/1162179759/itty-bitty-painting-collage-art-hybrid

This painting collage art hybrid creature has now been reserved/sold and is no longer available.


I find it weirdly and uncomfortably bothersome when unvaccinated people post condolences about COVID deaths...

I find it weirdly and uncomfortably bothersome when unvaccinated people post condolences about COVID deaths. Not to say they're not bothered and upset by the death, but what do they think caused and perpetuated it? Something other than the COVID, from which they choose to stay unvaccinated? 

If after seeing other people they know (or family members or friends of people they know) die from COVID, they STILL don't bother getting vaccinated, what does that mean?

Is it because they think COVID can't affect them or they think the vaccine doesn't work (or has deadly side effects)?

Or because they tell themselves that all the people who die from COVID are old weaklings who were going to die anyway?

Or because they're too lazy to think and plan until something bad actually happens to them (and maybe still too lazy to think and plan even after something bad actually happens to someone they know)?

Or maybe they just don't really care? 

Of course everyone is going to die at some point, but who wants to die from something that could have been prevented (or made significantly milder) with a vaccine?


Malfunctioning Tampon Dispenser Dream

Not sure how to interpret this odd little dream last night (or at least the part I remember). I was in a public restroom that had one of those tampon dispensers where you stick in coins to have it pop out tampons. But the dispenser was malfunctioning and instead of tampons, a bunch of colorful masks were sticking out of its slots. Nobody else was in the restroom, so I quickly stole some of the masks and stuck them in my purse. Then I walked out of the restroom and was in some crappy college bar from which everyone was gone and there was trash all over the floor. Half empty plastic cups, wet wads of paper towels, no people other than me.



NEW! The December Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds is HERE!

The NEW December Flock of Thirteen Myna Birds has arrived! Featuring visual art by MISH and poetry by Elyse Hart - Kaci Skiles Laws - Jeremy Szuder - DS Maolalai - Jessica Purdy - Paul Ilechko - Andrew K. Peterson - Vin Whitman.

The simmering mosquito larvae - controlled by the powers of his sorrow - all stretched and making ruts - made a house a home, a home a prison - sometimes I get clocks & mailboxes mixed up - how not to get stuck - and spoiled with cigarette ends - and acid and roasted pig - a dry field, broken open - leaving behind a bitter scrawling of goodbye - I have a hole inside me where love ought to be - cold as broken glass pieces - choose to be unpicked - all the uncomfortable people - the condition that makes them laugh at inappropriate times - the people who couldn't escape - Every root tries to grab hold - blackness feathering the strings - They drown the white horse - flaunting belly until the regurgitation of death - the horse’s nostrils fill with mud
"Hibiscus Abstract" by MISH


A NEW (mini) Review by J. Marc Harding of my poetry book, Malformed Confetti!

"This poetry is addictive and I'm going to need more. Read this."

J. Marc Harding

Another new (mini)review of my "Malformed Confetti" poetry book (published by Crisis Chronicles Press in 2018) ๐Ÿ’œ

Thank you to J. Marc Harding



Find out more about Malformed Confetti and consider acquiring a copy for yourself via Crisis Chronicles Press here - http://ccpress.blogspot.com/2018/10/Cook102.html

Or via Amazon here - https://www.amazon.com/Malformed-Confetti-Juliet-Cook/dp/1640929738

Or from my own Blood Pudding Press shop here - https://www.etsy.com/listing/641070988/malformed-confetti-by-juliet-cook-2018?ref=shop_home_active_9


New! Four collaborative poems by Darryl Shupe and me in Issue No. 33, Fall 2021 of MISFIT!

Four of Darryl Shupe and my strange and creepy collaborative model fair poems are now making an appearance in the new Fall 2021 Issue of Misfit Magazine!
Model Arts and Crafts - Model Hog Heaven - Art Barn Torture - Like A Tortured Clown Funny.

Two Industrial Arts models heads fused together,
jaws welded into an experimental act of inertia.
Their brains were off-kilter anyway,
before their necks were snapped.

So what if they're dead? Now they can be parts
of something greater, parts of the whole art barn.
This barn reeks of death.

(from Art Barn Torture)

Read more HERE - http://misfitmagazine.net/archive/No-33/cook&shupe.html