NEW! Thirsty Bones by Sarah Lilius is now newly available from Blood Pudding Press

Thirsty Bones is a NEW Blood Pudding Press 2017 poetry chapbook, containing 20 poems by Sarah Lilius.
A powerful emotional political statement about the female body. How it can be viewed and treated like a toy, victimized, abused and then just overlooked or ignored. How it can live on, fight back, and will not be silenced and will not feel obligated to keep its own experiences or genuine feelings or individual self a secret.
How nobody else should think they have the power to be in charge of your own body based choices.
"Rape, you are an animal.
The media gives you cookies,
you’ve grown fat, snarling from the cave.
I open my eyes to your terror.
Your world has been created.
We need to cut the power to your brightness,
lights flicker, this lightning is not fireflies
wild against dark sky, waiting for palms to cup.
We need more sound. To open our chests, display
lungs and let out the words.
Women, your screams, even muffled,
weren’t silent. They grow inside, canyons of dirty sound."
from the poem [ ] Culture