NEW! A Review of (the temporarily revived) Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, The Laura Poems!

"The abuse has begun by the time Laura is ten years old. BOB has been climbing through her bedroom window at night to molest her. She must stuff toilet paper in her heart-patterned panties to stop the bleeding.
Already, the seeds of darkness are being planted in Laura's psyche. Laura imagines being snatched up by an owl's talons, flying, then being dropped onto iron spikes. Laura says, "At least [I] can imagine / being dropped. Falling / falling / falling / in love with the dark spikes.""

from Eileen Murphy's new review of my old poetry chapbook, The Laura Poems (which was temporarily made available again in the Blood Pudding Press shop last month, in honor of Twin Peaks revival).
Thank you very much to Eileen Murphy and Glass for writing and publishing this review.