NEW Winter 2017 Edition of Menacing Hedge, including three of my poems!

Very darkly deliciously delighted and excited to have three of my poems included within the NEW Winter 2017 Edition of Menacing Hedge! 
The fabulous cover art for this issue was created by Susan Yount.
Thank you for the creative powers of Kelly Boyker Guillemette, Gio Guillemette, Amanda Gowin, Kiara McMorris, and Menacing Hedge.

I was black circles
and dark painted nails.
I kept my rough drafts concealed,
even though they outnumbered the polished lines.
I secretly admired her raw exposures, 
her giggling glimmers, her fluttering fingers,
the pages of works in progress, 
ripped out fast, splayed all over the room.

(a small sampling from my poem, "Pumpkin Gut Grave")