A Red Witch, Every Which Way - a NEW full-length book of collaborative poetry by Juliet Cook and j/j hastain - published by Hysterical Books!

"They can tell you you’re splatter painting down
the steeples but you’re creating your own
red toned ventricles"


I am very bloodily creepily excited to announce "A Red Witch, Every Which Way", which is a new full-length poetry book collaboration by j/j hastain and myself, newly published by a new small press, Hysterical Books!

Hysterical Books is focused on the BEAUTIFUL AND STRANGE.

"A Red Witch, Every Which Way" is "aboil with the grotesque and macabre. These poems explore the recesses of the body in all its glory and all its shame."

Over 130 pages.

Available via the Hysterical Books website AND via Amazon.


The different sections of the book are as follows:

Act 1, The Secret Carnage Hidden in a Cuckoo Clock 

Act 2, The Mutated Conjoined Twins 

Act 3, An Underworld's Spring Filled With Questions 

Juliet and j/j Interview Each Other