New in Stitches

Blood Pudding Press poet and art creature, Lisa M. Cole and I have a small art-oriented interview appearing on page 37 of the new Stitches. 

The artsy image near the top of that page is a photo of the art piece I created and used upon the cover design of Lisa Cole's contest winning 2013 Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook, "RENEGADE//HEART".



After you partake of the Stitches, you might want to take a look at and get yourself a copy of RENEGADE//HEART, within the Blood Pudding Press shop here 


(Psst. Plus, there are various pieces of my painting/collage art hybrid creatures available in the Blood Pudding Press shop too.)


ALSO, stay tuned for the results of this year's Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook contest, coming soon!