Reverting back to child circles

Sometimes it's frustrating, my brain feeling like it retracted back to how it was when I was a little girl. I was brimming with creative flow, but could visualize my ideas/thoughts/feelings/creative concepts better than I could figure out how to express them the way I wanted to with words.

Over the years I worked my brain up to become uniquely, precisely, descriptively expressive in my own chosen word-based way - but then I lost some brain power. In more recent years, my mental uniqueness did not disappear, but the precision of my word-based expressive abilities dissipated.

Negatively speaking, sometimes it really bums me out that I can no longer express things as well and specifically as I used to.

Positively speaking, sometimes I try to craft my visuals into a different form of art, whether or not I can explain it with words.

Semi-neutral speaking, I don't really know what to do with these other forms of art. (I can creatively entitle them.)

I remember myself down in the dark, dank basement, telling myself fast visual-based stories inside my own head (but unable to extract them with words out of my own head), walking around in circles.