Today i am feeling drained and uncertain about everything. What should I be focusing on? What shouldn't I be focusing on? Why? I don't know. Having one of my 'what is the point' of working on this, this, this, and this or ANYTHING days. I can't stay on top of it all; i can't stay in between it all. So far I've gotten a few tiny things done and don't even know how I feel about them. Maybe i would go back to bed, except that I already slept for 9 hours. August is a busy month for me and i guess i don't do good with business, because the very concept of staying on top of packing for two different trips, preparing for my dog, cleaning my house, sticking with my new exercise routine, and working on poetry stuff just seems too overwhelming for me, drains me, makes me feel like what is the point of anything? i'm not a good multitasker, i wish I had more energy, but I don't. I used to feel much more energetic; where did my energy go? Tiny little things suck my energy and drain me into feeling like relatively nothing.