small scales can still sail in their own way

do you ever feel small scale compared to what other people are doing/how other people are thinking/what other people are working on and experiencing? i do. i sometimes feel like i don't do enough compared to others; don't have enough new experiences compared to others; but some of those experiences there's no way i could even handle

for example, i could never be a doctor who performes surgery (but that's okay, because I never desired to be that - although I certainly appreciate the people who are great at that or i and lots of others wouldn't be alive)

for another example, i could never travel all over the united sates or travel other countries outside of the united states by myself for months (but that's something several friends of mine have done/are doing - and that's something part of me wishes i COULD do, but there's no way i could - and i'm not talking monetarily here; I'm talking about my mentality couldn't handle it on many different levels)

maybe some people might feel like they don't do enough compared to me

but then there's the fact that life should not be a comparison; it should be focused on everyone doing what's right/important/meaningful/significant for them; everyone choosing to arrange their lifetime and priorities as they choose

some people are primarily focused on kids/family, some people are primarily focused on art/reading/writing/publishing, some people are primarily focused on spirituality and growing in that realm...

some people are more physically active (including experiencing a lot of different locations), some people are more mentally active (there brain focusing on all sorts of things, even if they're mostly staying in one place physically), some people are neither, some people are both...

i'm definitely one of the more mentally active/brain focused persons (in both bad and good ways) - thoughts, feeling, words words words, writing writing writing my thoughts and feelings - and often that feels very important and significant to me - but on a larger scale, is that personal expression relatively meaningless and insignificant?

even if so; even if i am really small scale, is that a bad thing? 

lots of people are small scale in their own way right?


small scale or not, i've had lots of different life experiences, even if they feel like an ongoing circle shape with ups & downs then another circle...

but sometimes i feel as if I'm darkly frothing rather than evolving..

but are dark froths a bad thing?