broken god temp rises... (temp blog posting new poem)

so-called validity

everyone’s focus is different; you choose
to focus on being broken
(to use that as your excuse
when something doesn’t work for you
or when you don’t work for someone else)

so broken so broken so broken so
you won’t keep trying; you’ll back off;
you’ll temporarily hide yourself
(you’ll validate that as trying to heal yourself),
then you’ll suddenly launch yourself into

someone else to temp focus upon; broken god temp rises

everyone chooses how to refine/define
themselves and others.  i don’t think you’re broken.
i think you have a twisted wing span.
nobody else can hold you long enough
to glue you back together, because you don’t want them too.

you don’t want to be glued to anyone place.
you want to twitch, crack away,
not let anyone else stick to the way
you tension thread your own skin
then call its damage broken

as though something else dive-bombed you with needles