YAY 2012 YAY!

2012 seems to be off to a wonderful start for me.

Of course ever year/month/week has its odd little up & down snippets (& I soon might be temporarily infiltrated with my rather awful PMS mode), but this new year is still pretty darn fantabulous so far.

This past Friday was the second anniversary date of my carotid artery dissection/aneurisms/and stroke – and the first anniversary date of my divorce – and I can hardly believe how quickly/weirdly those two years passed by and how many things changed – and how much I still have trouble with easy little words and more. I think that lots of people might be tired of hearing about that stuff, but maybe that’s an overly negative thought process of mine – and I need to quit dwelling on people who tire of me, when there are other people who don’t.

This new year, I did not feel terribly bothered and upset by January 6, because my first part of 2012 is off to a wonderful start. I had a fun, creative friend to hang out with for New Years Eve night plus the next few days AND I sold oodles of poetry chapbooks. Yay! I sold six in a row at the end of 2011 and then nine so far this month - one to Australia, two to a ModCloth editor (who is going to photograph them and place those photos online next week) and six to a poet guy I’m friends with on fb. Less than one week into January, I had already sold more chaps than I usually sell within several different months, so 2012 is off to a delightful beginning!

I think that my first few days of January spent with a delicious creative interesting creature of delight and my small influx of January chapbook sales (and the related printing & designing) is a fun-filled hint that this January is going to be so much better than my last two Januaries! Also, it is pretty awesome to quickly start regenerating the money I spent on Xmas/Artmas gifts, so that soon I can start thinking about/getting ready to work on creating the NEXT Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook! Plus focus on reading and writing more again!

On a different note - I am planning to paint a couple more zombie gnomes tomorrow. Yay!

On a very different note (and I don’t mean this negatively; it was just an odd thought process I had last night in bed) – in recent months, I semi-often feel badly about starting to look older and I even complain about that, sometimes blurting out something about how I look too middle aged. Well last night I realized that doesn’t make much sense to semi-insult myself that way, since I AM middle-aged. I guess I feel younger than I really am (and thus feel as if I ought to look younger), but the fact of the matter is, I am 39 – and 39 plus 39 equals 78, which is rather old – so I AM middle-aged – so why am I complaining about looking the way I really am as though it’s some icky insult?