A Horrifically Lusty New Year from Thirteen Myna Birds!

This newly updated peculiar action offers strange new lust morsels from Kelly Boyker, Emily Smith-Miller, Cheryl Anne Gardner, John Tustin, and Daniel G. Snethen – with two older morsels still remaining from PoetJoe H. Gallagher and David Greenspan.

Enjoy the creepy/sexy vibe if you dare.

Here's an odd little snippet fusing odd little snippets from each new poet included within the new Myna Birds fold.

ruffled duvets - dancing darkly on her string - dark veil over her eyes - nipples pressed hard against the plastic - waiting for your heart, creeping - shaving down the bone - glows as a pink star - small fires licking the floorboards - Will my eyes turn red?

Happy artsy yummy poetic New Year!