Have felt overly tired all day long and feel upset and dissapointed in myself for not having a very productive day. Gave my dog a bath and I feel as if that's the only thing I really accomplished today. The bottom of my feet are bothering me, which is my own damn falt for having a semi-obsessive compulsive (and big time wasting) event for hours yesterday peeling gross dry skin off them. Feel like I'm looking old and ugly and having another little grey/white hair explosion.

So fucking tired I finally decided to take a little half hour nap circa 7:00-7:30 and then get up, make coffee and dinner, work on stuff. Instead my nap ended up lasting until 8:30 - I still felt just as tired (maybe even more tired) when I forced myself up - and I didn't feel hungry but I can't not eat, so I started cooking some salmon and ended up burning it. I am not a good cook. Blah.

Still feeling overly tired and like giving up for the day and going back to bed, but I guess I'll force feed myself a little more, keep my hands off the bottoms of my feet, and try to work on a few things. Still though, my overly tired and slow spell today (and also maybe PMS starting up) is making me feel like a rather worthless time-wasting loser. I hate feeling unproductive.