more positive, lovely, bloody, poetic & more more more (bloody or not, here I come)

Earlier today I was working on writing this more positive post to place above my negative blog post below - had been working on it for quite some time, was almost done, & was just about to post it. I had 'saved' it numerous times. Then I tried to add a youtube song to it, 'Black Cherry' by Goldfrapp, right before posting it and this caused my entire saved post to delete itself and disappear. WTF?

That made me feel pissed off and negative again for a small to medium spell, but I shall now try again! Maybe the Black Cherry song was too outdated and negative, so I shall quit that part and mention that yesterday I fused some Black Raspberry soda pop with Black Raspberry ice cream for a little dessert-esque sip, thanks to a friend of mine's suggestion. Yay.

And today's the first day of October - and I have quite liked October for many years - dare I say it is my favorite month? I do feel a tiny bit hesitant about saying so, since it used to be my wedding anniversary month and now I am divorced, but that doesn't mean October must go downhill forevermore. It's my birthday month and I sure like the number 9 better than the number 8 - although maybe I kind of wish there was a 2 in front of the 9, instead of a 3; egads!

Better than my age is the fact that my birthday weekend will involve a fun poetry reading event with a wonderful friend of mine (I will add a link to this event below). I will also get my hair cut and dye it a deep burgundy hue, which another extra-special, yummy, fabulous poet friend of mine will enjoy seeing and touching - and I can hardly wait to see him twice this month, as well as possibly seeing another female poet friend of mine too.

One of the times I shall be seeing him as for a Horror Film fest event (several days long) in his neck of the woods - and so maybe it makes some sort of strange, spooky, horror-ific sense that I'm supposed to be getting my period TWICE this month. Talk about a pre-Halloween blood bath of horror. I just hope I don't have some weird seizure thingee happen during the poetry reading event - but if I do, at least I hope to spurt out some more pre-Halloween blood stuff.

It shall be a busy, fun, creative, sexy (bloody or not, here I come) sort of month, brimming with friends, poets, darkly delicious colors, gorgeous fall weather, and more. I shall finish a Halloween poem. I shall publish other people's Halloween poems on Thirteen Myna Birds. I shall hear some good news about my second mini-full length poetry book (for real). I shall add special little creepy yummy design treats to Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbooks purchased this month - so buy one from my etsy shop (or buy other odd Halloween ephemera) here:http://www.etsy.com/shop/BloodPuddingPress?section_id=10388961

More information about the October poetry reading event here:http://hyacinthgirlpress.wordpress.com/2-by-4-reading-series/

More more more creepy yummy content coming later.