I’d like to think I have a lot more to offer than my holes

Anyone who likes my holes better than they like my convoluted but still complex brain waves, my thoughts, my feelings, my mental extremities, should just go find themselves another pussy.

Since when did pussies like to be domesticated or dominated?

Fine maybe I liked that at some point in time, but not at this point in time, that’s for sure. Domination does not make me purr; nor does it make me whimper in a fun/sexy way – at least not fun/sexy for ME – and at this point, I definitely do not want to just please another, not really caring if he pleases me.

If you’re the type who really likes dominating a woman who really likes to be controlled, then you are not the type for me. Even the words ‘domination’ and ‘control’ turn me off, at this point in my life. I do not want to be dominated or controlled at all, sexually speaking or otherwise.

I do not want to be ordered around. I understand that turns some people on; fine; but I am not one of them. I like having my hands held down, because I like to be held and touched all kinds of different places and all kinds of different ways by a hot partner I feel truly strongly about.

I like to feel his body on top of/underneath/against/inside my body in all kinds of positions and styles and vice versa. But I don’t like him (or me) being in control and me (or him) just doing what we’re told in any kind of dominating way. I really like strong intensity, but I dislike aggression or strong assertiveness.

Tell me what you’re going to do to my body because you know I want you too. Tell me what you want to do to me, because you know I desire it and want you to tempt me and tease me. Tell me what you want me to do to you; what would really arouse you. But not in a controlling way. Instead, tell me in a really turned on, excited, sweet/dirty fusion of intensity.

Whisper in my ears, stick your tongue inside me, touch me all over. Sometimes I like soft, sweet physical contact; sometimes I like rough, dirty physicality; but I sure as heck don’t like aggression or control. I understand some people have a sexual fetish for controlling/being controlled; that is fine for them; but that is not my fetish and not fine for me.

I’ve had enough controlling people in my life, trying to tell me what to do; trying to tell me what I should do, whether I want to or not. Thus, those kinds of interactions do not turn me on sexually, at all. I’m not anti-kink; I’m not anti-fetish; but I do not have a dominant/submissive kink or fetish.

Tell me what you’re going to do to me because you know it will excite/arouse me. Tell me what you want me to do to you because you know I adore you and desire contact/connection with our body parts and deep inside your mind. Whisper and press yourself into me, but do not yell at me to do something right now or else.

‘I know you want to…’ turns me on. ‘Do this right now or else…’ turns me off.

Someone that is more interested in my holes than my ears and my wrists and my legs and my socks and my thoughts and my feelings and my brain and my WORDS grosses me out.


On a semi-unrelated but semi-related note, I am really into Kristin Hersh today. I have loved her music for years and truly am adoring some of her older songs today.