I am tired of the type of people who seem to think about themselves too much in terms of money and items and care; who seem to think about themselves more than others, no matter what.

Yes we should think about ourselves in terms of what is important to us and what we are passionate about; in terms of what we want to do with our lives and goals and what we should focus on; but NOT in terms of what we should receive from others.

I don't like the type of people who seem to think, "Other people should give me this. Other people should give me that. People should do this for me. People should do that for me. People should feel sorry for me. Woe is me. Woe is me." Especially when there is no real ongoing woe.

I truly hope I never come across as a person like that. If I ever have, I am truly sorry.

I think people should focus on helping themselves instead of expecting others to help them and frequently complaining about how others don't help them enough.

I sometimes like helping and I really like giving, but only to the type who pay attention to my offerings, appreciate my offerings, and give back - instead of not really noticing, not really caring, and not really appreciating until they get so much more and then not even noticing that. Just sort of automatically expecting others to give to them, but hardly ever giving much in return.

If you get depressed and expect others to give and you will take take take take take take but don't truly appreciate it, then get away from me please. If you're a woe is me, take take take, complain complain complain, take complain take complain and feel sorry for yourself as though you're some sort of woeful martyr; if you take and don't appreciate and take and don't appreciate and instead complain as though you're not getting enough, get away from me right now.

I've had enough men in my life who take more than they give and don't appreciate what I give (or what anyone else gives, unless it's a substantial amount of money, given repeatedly). I've had more than enough of that.

I strongly desire to give to other givers. I do not wish to give to thoughtless takers.

I wish to give myself to those who give themselves to me. Then I would give and give and give forever.