this tornado loves you

Semi-related to my small love post below, today I feel compelled to post this Neko Case song. I've liked Neko Case for years, so did D. (ex-husband), he & I saw her in concert together, among a number of other concerts we attended. I have not been to a single music concert in over a year now.

I pilfered this Neko Case song link from a facebook friend of mine's site; he had noted that he & his woman were seeing her in concert tonight at the Beachland Ballroom; a fun little concert venue near Euclid OH.; which is also a place that D. & me & his brother J. had been to together quite a few times; and again, I have not been there since; & sometimes I miss it & sometimes I miss them; but alas, none of that is part of my life anymore right now.

So even though I like this song (and at this point in time, 'this tornado loves you' strikes me as a strangely pertinent phrase), it also made me feel a bit sad.

Perhaps I ought to plan a concert with someone else semi-soon?