better than dizzy

I am feeling much better than early yesterday (and the days preceding), which I wrote about a bit in the blog entry below.

For several days, I was experiencing some oddly uncomfy side effects from my EKG (most likely), but was feeling worried that my seizure pills were already creating ickfest side effects; blah.

I also experienced a small, unlikable phase of being reminded of last time I was in the hospital, which among other things, that experience seeemed to result in me losing love - thus yesterday morning I had an awful little bad spell of worrying that I might lose other important things this time.

What if I lose new friends, who don't wish to deal with some creepy old seizure lady?

What if I lose my poetic passion?

What if I lose all my natural hair color, which freakishly turns white from another stress infusion?

I feel better today though and don't think I am going to lose anything else.

Hopefully, the latest odd health condition was just a strange, small fluke.

Also, I got the latest darkly delicious Blood Pudding Press poetry chapbook added to my etsy shop yesterday - and will be writing a little blog entry about that haunted delight semi-soon.