New Thirteen Myna Birds (& new coming-soon post-stroke article?)

GOOD! A new bloody, ghostly, volatile installment of Thirteen Myna Birds went live yesterday, with poems by Jillian Mukavetz, Chris Moran, Mather Schneider, M.P. Powers, Letitia Trent, & Wesley Dylan Gray.

Check it out here if so inclined: http://13myna.blogspot.com/


NOT GOOD! In other news, just in case anyone was wondering why my semi-recent post-stroke articles rather quickly featured links to my Intro, Piece 1, and Piece 2 - but then never linked to my supposedly coming-soon Piece 3 - well, I finished writing that Piece 3 about a month ago - but for some reason, I suddenly stopped being able to get onto my own Associated Content Site (where I post those sorts of articles) - even though I've been a member there for more than two years and have written/posted more than 100 articles.

I'm rather annoyed that I suddenly cannot access that site; I've emailed them for help and am hoping to receive that soon.

In the meantime, here are links to my Intro and first two articles again - and if I am unable to add my 3rd article there semi-soon, then perhaps I will just add it to my blog here. Sigh


The Intro (which offers a few snippets of what to expect from the others):


Post-Stroke Aphasia Piece One (Challenging Words & Images):


Post-Stroke Aphasia Piece Two (Love Replaced With Doubt & Debt):


Post-Stroke Aphasia Piece Three hopefully coming soon!