Alien Skull Infiltration

While looking upon some of my recent photos, I started thinking that I looked like an alien skull (I used to think I looked like an alien witch). Then I started thinking more stuff along alien skull lines and found it rather interesting.

In an oddly appealing sort of manner, I realized that after having a semi-recent health experience through which I could have died, I am lucky to be alive, but am now infiltrated with skulls, as though skulls are a semi-scary, semi-scarred, darkly delicious, festive part of my life!

I've received skull jewelry from a man I love(he has a strange skull tattoo, which I've seen in person several times this year) and he & I & a long time best friend of mine also attended a Day of the Dead Skull art space together.

I've received skull socks from a yummy poet friend AND from a delicious artsy photographer friend.

I sent some skull xmas cards at the end of last year. I painted skull magnets and a skull box for friends/lovers.

And just this past week, I received a bright red skull heart journal fom the ladypants poet friend.

I've used the word 'Skull' in several of my semi-recent poems ("an imploding bath of dark skull sex").

And now I am starting to look like an alien skull.