Poetry & Death & Strawberry Shortcake

A new issue of online poetry mag. Arsenic Lobster is now up and includes two FALL (post-stroke) poems by me, plus many more. Read some for yourself; partake of editor Susan Yount's yummy notes and then click below:

"SUMMER/Fall ARSENIC LOBSTER an epicurean free-for-all!"

“May gorgeous crustaceans fall from the sky and onto your laps!”

& Susan Yount's little description of my poems -

"Garnish with the eerie, arsenic herbs of Juliet Cook’s Fall (I) and Fall (II) and you will find a tiny dried apple for a ghost horse. Add a glass of rosewater to satiate all your senses."



Then if interested in reading a short non-poetry piece of writing by me, about kids and death and strawberry shortcake, feel free to partake of my latest Associated Content piece here: