April Dogs & Flowers


P.S. Here a little note copied from my Blood Pudding Press blog:

Darkly Delicious New Birds Are shimmering and spitting and biting on Thirteen Myna Birds! Sweetly strange and oddly awful new poetry by Angie Werren, Holly Day, Tom Davidson, John Tustin, Theresa Senato Edwards, & Daniel Gallik. Slurp into the scene at http://13myna.blogspot.com/

Also feel free to submit to Thirteen Myna Birds next issue, to be published in mid-May. Yay!


Other fun online poetry stuff = Zero Ducats 1 & 2 available in lovely little print issues and now also ONLINE! Many odd and fun and peculiar materials, including a poem by me in each issue. Check them out for free - http://www.zeroducats.com/