ActionYes Poetry

The Winter 2010 ActionYes online issue includes two poems by me, slurp!:


I really like ActionYes. I've read several of their deliciously wonderful poetry books, like 'My Kafka Century' by Arielle Greenburg, 'Remainland' by Aase Berg (translated by Johannes Gorransson)and two hideously excellent collections by Lara Glenum--'The Hounds of No' AND 'Maximum Gaga'.

I even wrote a longish review-like thingee of 'Max. Gag.' for an older issue of Gently Read Literature (http://gentlyread.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/the-revolting-body-of-lara-glenum%e2%80%99s-maximum-gaga-reviewed-by-juliet-cook)
-& you can also see what I've written a review for a more recent poetry book on their latest issue in my piece below this one here).

I even recently purchased a newish poetry book from ActionYes--'Killing Kanoho' by Hiromi Ito--but due to my super-slow reading/writing abilities lately, will have to deepen into that bloody gunk later (and can hardly wait).

Okay by. Read something neato by myself or other(s) mentioned above.