Little thingees

Hi. I wrote about these upcoming poetry piece publications the first of the month, but now they've happened, so here's a little update.

Last time, I accidentally wrote the wrong date for my Everyday Genuis poem--I initally wrote February 17, but it actaully appeared on February 16. And Listenlight was just published last night.





So those newly published poems were written a while ago--because even though my reading, speaking, and writing is slowly improving, it's still not as good or strong or powerful as it used to be (I've started reading some poems, but haven't tried to write any new ones yet).

A lot of simple words are no longer simple to me--for example, the words for food. I can now say 'pizza' and 'chicken', words I could not think of for weeks, so hopefully I'll be able to say others soon. By the way, it's not as if I've forgotten what foods are; I just can't think of their words easily. Same with words of colors; it's not because I've forgotten the colors; it's just because the words aren't clear to me anymore; although that one has improved too. Very glad these things are slowly improving (although I wil admit that sometimes the slowness quite encourages and discourages me, as I'm someone who has always been a good speller and has been a weirdly good poet in recent years--& now I'm not good at either).


The first two of my three poems in Listenlight (accompained by lovely Translations by Letizia Merello, as is my third poem) will also appear in my new chapbook, for Dusie 4, coming soon.


Also soon (hopefully before the end of this month), I'm planning to update Thirteen Myna Birds with lots of new poems.


I'm slowly improving, but feeling on & off & tired & bad.