petite treat(ise) purge

It's cold, but I just consumed two different flavors of ice cream for lunch, including double chocolate cookie crumble. I'm having one of those days during which second-guessing would be an understatment for my state of mind; I'm multi-guessing myself so much, I can hardly even function productively. I think part of the reason is stress and another part of the reason could be my mind is simultaneously trying to grapple with too many different things i.e. I'm brainstorming two different articles and both articles are starting to write themslves inside my head and clutter up the landscape; it would probably help if I wrote one of the articles out ASAP, but instead I'll just purge some of the things I'm thinking about: energy drinks, genetic research, hybrid animals, feminism, pornography, seemingly inextricable conflicts, financial duress, poetry versus freelance writing, unemployment versus blogging, collage, pastiche, pomosexuality, sex toys, low self esteem, paranormality, reality TV, detritus, detritus, detritus. I should probably delete this.


Two different flavors of ice cream for lunch today; ten gingerbread cookies for breakfast yesterday. The gingerbread cookies were in a box that pictured an entire gingerbread family on the outside of the box--gingerbread woman, gingerbread man, and gingerbread Siamese twin children--but inside the box, all the cookies were shaped like women.


I'm a woman-eater. Yes, I said gingerbread Siamese twins. No, I did not say gingerbread puggle. Yes, I did. Oh no, the white floaters are coming.


Here's an announcement about the new 2010 editorial lineup at Read Write Poem, of which I am a part:


I will be a bi-monthly columnist. Here's what it says about my upcoming column:

The Doll Injection Mold Disaster

With a title like that, you know the column’s author must be none other than Juliet Cook. In this series, Cook will explore thoughts on (conflicted) feminisms and (warped) poetics. If you’re familiar with Cook’s writing style and her perspectives, you already know this column is bound to be a real ride — and you are likely to feel both bound and ridden after reading it.


In less fun news,

"Unfortunately, your application was not recommended for funding."