Happy New Year!

I have two new poems published to start the New Year, in two differerent online poetry publications.

The first I'll mention is an older poem called 'Sullied Honey'. Several years ago, this piece was accepted by a horror genre magazine called Poe Little Thing, but the issue it was supposed to appear in never materialized, as far as I know. Maybe the magazine folded or something. This poem never quite seemed to fit into any of my collections, but I still liked it, so I eventually decided to resubmit it--and it was picked up by the wonderfully quirkilcious ROBOT MELON.

Check it out in issue ten (click the N) here:


If so inclined, you can also click the T to visit issue 5 from the archives, to read a couple more of my poems: 'Glass Cake Plate' (which also appears in my first full-length book Horrific Confection) & 'Pepper Shaker' (which also appears in my chapbook, PINK LEOTARD & SHOCK COLLAR).

As for the aforementioned 'Sullied Honey', it appears nowhere excerpt HERE (along with work by Nicolle Elizabeth, Mark Cunningham, Jac Jemc, and more):


I also have a NEWER new poem published in a VERY new (first issue new) female-centric literary magazine called Bone Bouquet, which you may check out HERE (along with work by Daniella Pafunda, Sarah Vap, Allison Layfield, and more):


If my Nellie Oleson poem piques your interest, I have another Nellie Oleson poem currently online in Prayers for Children, HERE:


I also have another piece from this mini-series forthcoming (in print) in The Columbia Poetry Review.


I desired to post a new issue of Thirteen Myna Birds for the New Year and I shall soon, but I'm still craving at least a few more pieces of new content to add to the furiously fizzy little mixer. Check out my guidelines at http://13myna.blogspot.com/ and if you think you have some material that fits the bill aka beak, do feel free to send it my way. I have four new pieces of content waiting in the wings right now and as soon I receive a few more that ruffle my feathers the right way, the new issue shall be brought to life, hopefully by the middle of the week.


Speaking of female-centric literary, I'm trying to finish up a piece for the upcoming Delirious Hem forum 'This is What a Feminst Poet Looks Like'; the forum will tentatively hit the scene January 15, so stay tuned for sundry and diverse takes on feminist poetics from a variety of hot female poets. I'm writing about meat curtains in mine.

As if that isn't juicy enough, I will be writing a new column for Read Write Poem this year (2010 baby), loosely centered around the theme of (conflicted) feminisms and (warped) poetics, so keep an eye out for more details about that soon.



P.S. Once more for good measure--some best poetry books of 2009: http://bit.ly/4VPoyg (and coming soon--some predictions for 2010).