Poetry Readings & Writings

Dana Guthrie Martin, author of the poetry chapbook, 'The Spare Room', which was recently published by my Blood Pudding Press, was live on the Joe Milford Poetry Show this evening. During this show, she read quite a few pieces from 'The Spare Room' (as well as some sections from a quirkily delightful in-progress collaborative poem between her and Nathan Moore). She's really an excellent reader, plus listening to these poems read aloud (and the related conversation between Dana and Joe Milford) will give you a real feel for the content of this collection.

Listen to Dana read, here:

Peruse the visuals and other details of her book in the Blood Puding Press etsy shop, here:


If you're in the mood for even more poetry reading, you may listen to me read a piece from my own new poetry chapbook, FONDANT PIG ANGST by scrolling down a few entries on this very blogorama.

FONDANT PIG ANGST is also available in the Blood Pudding Press etsy shop, as well as directly from the stupendous publisher, Slash Pine Press.


I've been feeling rather unfocused and out of it today, but I did manage to send submissions to four different poetry magazines, one of them something extra-fun sounding called TITS: A 24 Hour Journal of Poetry & Poetics. I submitted one animal, three designer vaginas, and a dessert product to the TITS project, so we shall see what happens.

Also wrote three book blurbs within the last few days, but have so much more writing to do. Another blurb, another couple reviews, a personal feminist treatise of sorts, a little article on gifts for travelers, maybe a holiday letter. Poetry. Pitter patter.

Oh and I received my new fingerless mittens inspired by the Log Lady from Twin Peaks! Huzzah!

"My log has something to tell you..."