New Millenium Interview

Didi Menendez, poet, artist, & editor/publisher extraordinaire of such publications as MiPOesias and Oranges & Sardines is posting interviews with various poets she has published this decade on a blog called 'Poetry: The First Ten Years of the New Millenium'. The ones I've read so far are pretty interesting and she put up a whole small slew of new ones today, including an interview with me:


In the time between me responding to her q's and her posting my response, my new poetry chapbook FONDANT PIG ANGST became available; for more details, see the entry below.

Here's a mini excerpt from my interview:

"Imprinted somewhere in my head is a cookie cutter that I am both trying to fit into and trying to creep out of. Much of my poetry is situated in the realm of that conflicted resistance. If I could grow some new appendages like a misshapen tail or tentacles, then I wouldn’t fit the mold. I think of my poems as appendages on a larger body that is trying to evolve into a new breed of misfit."

(Like I mentioned on FB, I'm not sure why I chose to submit a photo in which I look like some kind of bony owl/witch hybrid engaging in a random staredown, but you'll have that sometimes, I guess.)


P.S. I also have a little Best of 2009 list over at BIG OTHER: