Blood Pudding Press for the holidays

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Indie poetry makes great alternative stocking stuffers! Yum!

~The latest Blood Pudding Press chapbook, Dana Guthrie Martin's 'The Spare Room' was just mentioned as a favorite book of 2009 by poet Matthew Hittinger!


~Several Blood Pudding Press chapbooks as well as my own full-length poetry collection 'Horrific Confection' were mentioend by poet Maragaret Bashaar in a new blog entry about reading for pleasure!

Find out for yourself what the buzz is about; visit the Blood Pudding Press shop!


In my pipeline (and hopefully coming soon): blurbs for upcoming books by Mairead Byrne, Charles Freeland, Mark Lamoureux, and Susan Slaviero--reviews of already published books by Karyna McGlynn and Matt Jasper--some sort of treatise for January's feminist poet forum on Delirious Hem--etc... No wonder I haven't had much time for my own poetry lately, but I'm pleased to report that I did begin work on a new poem today. Hurrah!